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Let's see your cans!

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by cmb3366, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. haggy38

    haggy38 Active Member

    Nothing beats a vintage headphone set......

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  2. audiodactic

    audiodactic New Member

    Houston, Tx
    F82720F9-B574-453C-9A5C-6BA3EA20D747.jpeg My RS2e :music: also, I drink way too much wine...
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  3. ajward549

    ajward549 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Original pair of Grados going to good use

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  4. imral3

    imral3 Super Member

    Blackwood, New Jersey
  5. dondoucette

    dondoucette AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
    I’ve had a pair of Realistic PRO-60 headphones since the mid 80’s when I worked at Radio Shack. My friends thought I was nuts spending what was then almost 20% of my 2 week income on a pair of headphones.

    Over the years the foam eventually turned to goo and I attempted home made replacements that worked OK I guess but eventually I packed them away and forgot about them.

    Recently while performing an archeological dig through some boxes in my basement I found my old headphones, I brought them upstairs and plugged them in, yep still work. On the Koss website I ordered a few different replacement pads to try, they were all too small and nothing like the originals. I took some measurements and logged on to that auction site, again I ordered a bunch of different pads to try well I’ll be damned if one of the sets worked so well I’ve been using them exclusively for the past 2 weeks. The new pads are very comfortable, seal nicely around my ear, don’t cause any discomfort at all and keep my ear from touching the headphone.

    Not the most incredible headphone ever made, certainly not for critical listening, specs have probably changed a lot over the 30+ years I’ve had them but for sheer comfort I can’t beat these right now.
    96E3DB6C-09D0-438B-9191-2FAD09D75546.jpeg B750D7C0-5C79-4BBD-BFB7-AEC6EFCD9893.jpeg
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