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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Wolverine, Feb 25, 2012.

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    I was looking for a quality CD player for my Adcom set-up when I came across a Luxman D-100 w/remote on CL. I managed to trade a pair of bookshelf speakers that were not in use for it.

    I have seen a few positive comments about Luxman CD players but there does not seem to be much info on this one. Build quality seems to be quite good and I am very impressed with the sound based on my short time with it.

    Anyone here familiar with it that could provide some info?
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    Back from the dead.....
    I recently picked one of these D-100 CD players up in excellent physical and playing condition. The only problem is non working touch sensor on the tray door, so now i get to use the OPEN/CLOSE button beside the door...
    It does have an excellent voice, very pleasant to listen to. It definitely sounds a bit different than the DV-45a and DVP-S7700 I compared it to, not in bad way, just smoother (in a good way) I have it in my "80s" system with a Luxman T-100 Tuner (Good Match), Scott A1600 SS Integrated amp (155 wpc, monster transformer), Pioneer PL-670 Direct Drive Turntable (excellent bargain TT w AT-90 cartridge btw), 2 NHT SuperZero speakers and a Klipsch SW12 subwoofer. Can't wait to try this setup with different speakers. Next in the rotation are a set of DLK-1s and a set of Dynaco A-35's, minus subwoofer. I think the D-100 will respond even better to speakers a bit closer to it's age. I'll post back with any differences.

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