Luxman L-85V - to rebuild or not to rebuild?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by drabina, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. drabina

    drabina AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have Luxman L-85V amplifier with a non-working power amplifier section. The amp is in great condition otherwise and I know it works because I was able to switch the power amp section from another L-85V that I own and it worked. Looking at the PCBs they are a mess. One of them has transistor missing, a lot of parts were replaced, etc. So pretty much the only way to properly fix the amp is to completely rebuild the PCBs. My knowledge is limited but once I gather the replacement parts, I should be able to rebuild them (I did two successful recaps, built two amplifiers and did some other minor soldering work in the past). The problem is, if replacing all the missing and/or not working transistors would yield satisfactory results. Please keep in mind that most of the transistors are no longer in production so I would have to go with replacement ones. They may or may not change the sound.

    Here are few pictures of the boards:

    picture 1

    picture 2

    picture 3

    What do you think guys?
  2. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow Swapping Gear Subscriber

    I would be all over repopulating those boards. The L-85V is one sweet amplifier and I love the heat sink 'handle' that this amp has. If the cabinet and faceplate are in good shape there would be NO Question about making it a fully functioning integrated amp again.
  3. drabina

    drabina AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The rest of the amp is in great condition. Faceplate is almost mint. I am sourcing parts now to see what the cost is going to be and if I can source all the parts that should be replaced. So far I was able to find about 60% of the parts since there are some questions as to the values which do not match the schematic plus the no longer in production transistors. So far the total is about $40.
  4. Alienz

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    If you post those transistors here people can suggest some good modern replacements.
  5. ryuuoh

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    Make sure you have current limiting (a dim bulb tester) before powering it up.
  6. drabina

    drabina AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have the bulb tester and I have posted a request to help me find replacement transistors in this thread. I have decided to create new thread because the transistors are most likely used in other gear as well.

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