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Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by glok1, May 11, 2012.

  1. glok1

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    I am coming into possession of my parent's 1958 era Magnavox Concert Grand with extension speaker. It is all original sans the turntable has been replaced. I was contemplating whether or not to keep it due to space issues and the fact that it is currently not working and needs to be refurbished. I would like to upload some photos but currently my file size is too big, I will tell you that this unit is ebony with metal legs, I would appreciate any comments, information or suggestions that anyone could provide. Thank you
  2. Saratoga48

    Saratoga48 I need that radio

    If indeed you are getting a concert grand, it is one of the finest consoles that was made. Well worth restoring, IMHO. Send us some pics when you resolve your camera issues.
  3. relaximus

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    Also, post your location as there may be a member near you that could help with the restoration.

  4. glok1

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    Thanks for the comments. I am in Skokie IL just north of Chicago, I am a Devry graduate and I have a friend who has some knowledge of vintage stereo restoration but I may need help with the tuner. I will take some new pics, or I believe I can resize them with Picasa.
  5. tonyg88

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    Yea one of the best consoles ever made...... I hope I find one I would never need a never console again
  6. relaximus

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    Never say never! :D

  7. buglegirl

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    Until you get to 20 or so consoles .. then maybe.

  8. relaximus

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    Oh Frannie, you are a girl after my own heart! :thmbsp:

  9. gadget73

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    A Concert Grand with an ebony finish? Don't believe I've ever seen / heard of one of those. The only black Magnavox I've ever seen was some sort of "oriental" style cabinet, on an early 60s unit. It was not attractive.
  10. jeffhamman

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    58 different than 59 up cg

    I have been fortunate to own both an early style, and a latter style.yes you could get an early style in a ultra modern black with a plated base,these used 2 woofers next to each other, the latter ones were one on each side. these could be had in a variety of finishes usually in traditional or early american styles. I dont think they perform better than fishers of the same period. no magnetic cart and tuner is no where as good. what makes them shine is the twin bi-amp tube units
  11. coffee123

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    Pics pics pics!!! With an extension speaker? neat! How bout the remote control?

  12. frankxbe

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    Here is real good AK Thread with photos on the Concert grands

    Here is an Antique radio Classified Magnavox history article 1930's to 50's
    The history of the Concert Grands in this article may have one omission
    there is no mention the 60-61 stereo models with 2 amplifiers.
    The omission may have been due to the period referenced up to 1959. The 2 amp models were 1960-61 AFAIK all in all a
    good article .
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  13. jeffhamman

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    Early concert grand

    the 57 model 300 concert grand used 1 single 40 watt amp.I think to have stereo you added another amp and speaker.the 58 was like the 57 but uses 2 seperate amplifier,since 58 was the first year for stereo. Although they are smaller 25(amp150) vs 50watts for the 59-61 design,these amps were closer to the 57 amp used but again there were 2 the speaker arangement is sim (all cg used 2 different woofers for wide freq range) but they housed the woofers next to each other instead of conventional stereo arangement used in 59-61.lucky to have one 58 in my possesion. All of these amps are wonderful to mod. they have bi amp design, quad or 6 6v6 tubes feed the bass, and single ended or pushpull 6v6 for treble which includes an adjustment for treble. plenty of power with the right speakers.sound is really good. my avtar above is the amp148 used in the 57 model.
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