Magnavox Omni-directional with Horn Tweeter

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by StarMover, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. StarMover

    StarMover AlienToAllThingsAudio

    Just thought I'd comment on a pair I saw today while out thrifting. A six-sided cabinet with a bottom-mounted 12" down-firing woofer, and a 10" up-firing horn aimed at a pointed dome-shaped disperser mounted in the top.

    I passed for $20, but thought them interesting as they were the first pair of Magnavox omin-directional speakers I've seen, and also the first pair with a horn tweeter. Most of the pioneer models from the era had an array of standard tweeters.

    I've never been too crazy about omni-directional speakers.
  2. marc mc

    marc mc Super Member

    Omni's rock. I don't know that model but I would suspect they sound amazing. The Omni's from back then sounded great. For $20 I think you passed on a gem.

    I know that omni's are shunned by lot's of audiophiles but the Ultra high end guys are all revisting the Omni designs for good reason :thmbsp:

    marc mc
  3. Ohighway

    Ohighway AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Too bad you didn't snap a picture of them. They sound cool.

    I'm with marc mc on this one. I love omni speakers. I like the way they image, and the soundstage is huge. ( based on my Walsh 5's and Walsh 2's)

    As a side benefit, they're wonderful for home theater. Everyone gets to sit in the sweet spot....
  4. StarMover

    StarMover AlienToAllThingsAudio

    If they are still around tomorrow, I might bring them home to play with. I have two other large pairs in my cave at the moment, so these might not go over very well with the little woman.

    Possible the horns are Jensen, so it might even be worth $$ even if I part them out. I wonder just how much dust and other crap is has fallen down that horn...
  5. marc mc

    marc mc Super Member

    I hope their still there.

    marc mc
  6. Tom Brennan

    Tom Brennan AK Member Subscriber

    Nice try.

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