Malfunctioning Yaqin SD-32A tube CD player

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by tomam17, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. tomam17

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    Denver, CO
    Hey everyone- not sure if I'm putting this in the right forum.. but here it goes:

    My 5 month old Yaqin tube CD player with RCA 6SN7GTB tubes is having some issues. About 3 weeks ago, I was listening to a disc, and the music turned to pure static...

    -Tried another disc, pure static.
    - Powered the unit down and tried again the next evening.. managed about 25 minutes of music until the static kicked in.
    - Powered down the unit and tried again the next afternoon.. this time, I moved the unit off my shelving unit and put it in a nice open area thinking it could be overheating. Static kicked in about 20 minutes in to a disc.
    -Next day, I put the stock tubes back in, and managed an entire day of music without static! Managed about 10 discs over the course of the next week as well with no issues.
    -Today, I managed about 50 minutes of music, and the static was back.

    Could hot tubes caused the internal DAC to overheat or something to this effect? It does not feel abnormally warm, but heat is the only factor I could think of that would cause a CD player to sporadically malfunction. Really stinks.. this thing produces some fantastic sounding music :tears:

    Thanks guys!
  2. hjames

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    6 months old isn't much - Is it new to you, or did you buy it used?
    If new, have you written the seller/vendor and asked them for support?
  3. stanko

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    Oshkosh, WI
    Sounds like a power supply issue. A bad solder joint or a bad part that overheats and opens. Are the tubes lit when the static starts? That would eliminate filament supply problems. The reason I ask this is because the Chinese units have small power supplies and when switching tubes some of the old USA types draw too much filament current. I know this from experience, a Shanling CDT-100 that came my way had a completely fried filament supply because of tube swapping. A hole was actually burnt through the board where the original diodes were mounted. The diodes didn't fail, but the board failed completely, burnt board, fried tracings, etc. Put the original tubes in, take it apart, and when the signal disappears start tapping individual components with a small pencil like stick. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you found the problem.
  4. wa2ise

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    That's what you'll hear when the sample bits get mixed up. Something in the digital circuits is messing up. Could be a bad solder joint somewhere in the digital section of the player. Flexing the board while playing a CD might make it come and go. Resoldering all those connections may clear it up. Though I'd stay away from surface mount chips, unless you can skillfully handle a soldering iron around them without creating shorted pins.
  5. phaelon56

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    I received my SD-32A just yesterday and so far so good :D Did you buy it on ebay from Song Gao - the guy in the Toronto area? He has been very responsive to my questions and is certain to offer advice, assistance and if necessary even replacement parts. I know that some of the Chinese audio gear has very small power supplies but the reading I've done about this units suggests that this model is different. I ran it for five hours yesterday and it barely got warm.

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