Mallory Type FP Capacitor

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by yungin's-dad, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. yungin's-dad

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    Hey all,

    I stumbled upon this cap at a yard sale and was wondering if it would have any use in the audio world. I have noticed that most of the time, the canned type capacitors that sit on top of the chassis of old amps are no good any longer and are usually bypassed, or re stuffed and then reused. So, when I seen this NOS cap, I thought..... What the hell? I'll pick it up and see if it could be of any use in our hobby. If you would, take a look at it and tell me if I should have just left it there, or if I did the right thing when I picked it up.




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  2. ferninando

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    San Jose Ca.
    I opened a cap I had like that and it was all dried up. the cap was nos. I got from work. I think it was a mallory too.
  3. gearhound

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    Unlike film caps, electrolytic caps have a finite shelf life.

  4. Tom Bavis

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    This appears to have an '87 date code - 235 is the code for Mallory, 8722 is 1987, week 22. Pretty damn recent as these things go - plenty of '60s parts still measure OK (not that you should TRUST them to stay that way...) It may be OK after reforming (bring up to rated voltage with current limited power supply). But I usually toss all electrolytics under 400VDC.
  5. Rex Everything

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    Go take a peak on ebay and other places. A lot of radio guys and others like to buy stuff like this to put on there amps where someone has removed a can cap. Returns the look to original. they usually do not wire them up but just use them for looks
  6. amphead4

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    I bought out a repairman's inventory once and got a box of those, NOS. Sold them on eBay. Someone will buy them.
  7. yungin's-dad

    yungin's-dad Last of the Baby Boomers Subscriber

    I wasn't really lookin' to sell it. I figured someone from here would need one maybe. I wondered about that 250VDC rating.

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