Marantz CC38 5-disc cd player - opinions?

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by junior, May 4, 2005.

  1. junior

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    Anyone heard this player? Is the DAC good? How's the sound. I have a portable Sony D-321 player(1993) now and via the Lineout, it seems to beat the sound of my parent's Pioneer and TEAC cd changers(both early 1990s) hands-down. The D-321 was much more 3D and transparent and less harsh. I just wonder if this Marantz CC38 is any good. I know the brand is well-respected. Also, I read from one source that it plays MP3s... which I doubt since it's from 1998 apparently. Can someone comment on this feature and the overall sound quality. :dunno: :headscrat

    Thanks in advance!
  2. RichPA

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    This is an OK player; I've had one for 5+ years now, and it is still working fine. Sounds like any middle-of-the line player from the late 90's - decent, better than most early 90's players. Makes a good transport, better than my newer (and cheaper) Sony changer. I don't think it plays MP-3's, but I haven't tried - as you note, it is from the late 90's. Might be a decent deal if it is cheap.
  3. junior

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    Thanks RichPA. It wasn't going for very cheap. Asking $125 CDN so... I'll probably pass.
  4. GordonW

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    I've only hear its bigger brothers, the CC45 and CC48. Both were quite competant CD-changers... good sound. Not quite up to the stature of the CD67 Special Edition single-disk of the same era (but, there again, the changers weren't $500 either!), but quite well-behaved... smooth, easy-to-listen-to, and reliable.


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