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Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by geartech, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. geartech

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    Hopefully y'all can help me with a couple questions I'm curious about. I have a 2238B receiver that I am using the pre out right now into a DC170 Amp.(85 WPC). Sounds nice and certainly has some power. Nothing wrong with the receiver, I'm just trying this out to listen to the DC170.:music:

    Am I listening to basically a 2285B? Or is the DC170 better/worse?

    What's the matching Marantz preamp for a DC170?


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  2. ChrisMarantz

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    Matching preamps are 3250 3250B and 3650
  3. geartech

    geartech certifiable open reel nut Subscriber

    Thanks, ChrisMarantz. Anyone made the comparison of a DC170 to a 2285B?
  4. BeerLegs

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    I've heard that before, but I wouldn't be able to tell you if that was so or not. I don't have a 2285B to compare my 170DC to. They're both rated about the same wpc. One thing I do know is I love mine. I got it from my buddy-who has since died-two years ago. I remember when he bought it in Germany while we were both stationed in the Army used and brought it back to the states. He later used it in his band for the vocals during our SIU college years. I asked him about it a couple of years ago. He said it didn't work, and sold it to me fairly cheap. It had been sitting in his attic for 10 years. It turned out to be the voltage selector switch that was at fault. Thanks Billy. R.I.P.

    After saying all that, I don't think I would ever trade my 170DC, 3250B, and 2110 for a 2285B--not that there's anything wrong with the 2285B.
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  5. PB_Audio

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    The amp design of the 170DC is likely a little more aggressive than a 2285 receiver, and the build components a little beefier. It may, therefore, be marginally more reliable as comapired to an 2285 amp section. All that aside, any sonic difference you might hear will be more a question of relative condition, given the age of both, than any difference in amp design. In your comparison between the receiver alone and the receiver-preamp combo (pre-out into the 170DC), at a moderate volume, do you notice a sonic difference? Likely, you will get better performance at a higher volume with the 170DC, but only marginally until you demand more of the 2238 receiver than it can comfortably deliver. The loud transients will suffer first at higher volume with the receiver alone.
    IMHO, the 170DC is a very nice 85W/ch RMS amp. Its a keeper. Use it as you have it set up until you can add a preamp you like. Here the main issue is the input sensitivity of the 170DC (probably 1.5 volts for full out put of the amp. Techs, correct me here).
    Reliability, build quality, ease of repair, and lastly esthetics matter, in that order. IMHO.
    In the end, do you care if they match? There's your answer. Its certainly not necessary, though. If you do want them to match, ChrisMarantz gave the answer, above.
  6. uscfchess

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    I've always wanted a 2285B but bought a 170DC the other night instead. It's not here yet but can someone explain the ac/dc coupling switch on the back? The 2285's are getting hard to find and getting a lot of money on eBay. The 170DC's are more affordable and I have a marantz 24 preamp/tuner just waiting to pair it up with.
  7. BeerLegs

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    From page 3 of the the owners manual that you can download for free at hifiengine:


    This switch is provided to protect model 170DC from large output popping noises due to erroneous connections of expensive speakers, troubles of preamplifier or using a preamplifier not designed for DC amplifier.

    Therefore, whenever there are possibilities of the above cases, please set this switch to the AC COUPLING position.

    In other words, leave it in the AC position to be safe.

    It sounds great with the 24. I had mine hooked up to one for a while.
  8. uscfchess

    uscfchess New Member

    I read where the DC position could provide more bass,,,does that make sense?
    BTW thanks for the quick reply!


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