Marantz PM 550 DC

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Mike_M, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Mike_M

    Mike_M New Member

    Found one in a second hand store for 10 bucks. Any comments on it?
  2. bolly

    bolly Banned

    if working and in nice/undamaged condition?? Looks like a bargain!

    probably a mid 80's integrated around 60wpc
  3. SB Marantz

    SB Marantz Well-Known Member

    Introduced in 1983.
    Build in 5-band ''equalizer''

    Nice integrated.
  4. Scriber06

    Scriber06 New Member

    I've got a PM 700 DC integrated. 70WPC w/eq. Nice unit. Congrats on a great find!
  5. Mike_M

    Mike_M New Member

    Thanks guys. It works and sounds great!
  6. bolly

    bolly Banned

    way to go Mike M!!
  7. willhowl

    willhowl Well-Known Member

    550? or 500?

    Howdy, Mike_M....I found a PM 500 DC Marantz integrated about 10-12 years ago. I used it with a pair of Dynaco A-25s that I was ignorant of, heritage-wise! All I knew was, it sounded good.

    There's really not a great deal of info on these (PM s,in general), that I've found on the web, just some specs. Are you sure it's a 550, not a 500? The 500 has 50 WPC, the 700, 70 WPC, so.........550, 55 WPC????

    They're not up to the build quality of the 22xx line, but they are very functional, and do sound good........ out for the front panel lettering...overly vigorous cleaning WILL take it off......

    Anyway, enjoy...willhowl:thmbsp:

    P.S. Oh yeah......the price is VERY right......
  8. Mike_M

    Mike_M New Member

  9. willhowl

    willhowl Well-Known Member

    A-Haa!!!! 550 It Is!

    Alright, Mike_M! I don't believe I've ever seen that one !

    The front plate layout is way different than the other PM's Ive seen. I assume the big central "window" is a LED meter array?

    I really don't think they made too many of this line.........

  10. Guest103

    Guest103 Registered user

    I found one too and I have specs...

    I know it's literally three years and a month after-the-fact but; it is rated at 65 watts @8 ohms and 90 watts @ 4 ohms.

    I found one in the garbage behind the GoodWill just yesterday...

    Those guys are crooked; I found a fresh-out-of-the-box looking Marantz tuner in the GoodWill and it was priced at 5.99 and no tax because it's a charity so I bought it even though I didn't need it...

    Then I asked the nice ladies if there was any more equipment the same and they looked at me like I was an idiot and said they had no clue...

    I took the tuner accross the street to my friend at his job to show it off and I hung around with him for an hour until I saw the GoodWill truck pull up...

    I went over to ask the delivery guys about more stuff that they may have picked up at the same persons house and before I could say anything I found the integrated amp and a low-end Marantz tape deck in the garbage beside the truck...

    I couldn't believe it... I blasted them for throwing it out and they said that they didn't work so I took them back to my friends work and stacked the three units together... very pretty but the power cords were cut off the deck and the integrated amp...

    I noticed that the four knobs on the amp had been pulled off and then replaced crooked so that no matter what they always pointed at the wrong thing...

    Then some guy walks up and askes where I got this stuff and when I told him he said "I was waiting for that!"...

    I enquired and he said that he knew it was coming in advance and it was for him... That means that the drivers for GoodWill are selling the good stuff off the truck before it gets to the store...

    Luckily for me my timing was good and I SCORED !!

    I replaced both power cords and put the knobs on properly and they worked perfectly...

    I also picked up a pair of "Mordaunt-Short Festival Series 2" loud speakers for 17.99 while I was at it so for $23.98 I got myself one heck of a deal on a complete Marantz stack and a very British pair of loudspeakers....

    Pics in a couple of days :)
  11. paul_ral

    paul_ral Active Member

  12. Ruxman

    Ruxman Well-Known Member

    Poor 80's... it did not leave a pretty legacy behind. :)
  13. Guest103

    Guest103 Registered user

    My tuner is ST530... Pics still to come.

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