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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by suntrace1, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. suntrace1

    suntrace1 New Member

    I hope I came to the right place for advice.

    I was looking for a receiver for my old pair of speakers and turntable in my study room. I fell in love into an old receiver, Marantz R-1270 Superscope, mostly because of the design. But there are two problems:

    - first one is, I can't visit the seller personally because of the distance between us, to hear it play. It would have to play a pair of B&W DM 302 speakers, here's a link to their specs.

    - second one, is the price. Seller's asking price is 133€ or 170$ and wouldn't even hear about my 100€ (130$) offer. I can't decide if he's asking too much. Receiver is in a good condition and refurbished, but still, it's an old piece of electronics.

    Here's a photo from the ad

    I've thought about it for whole weekend, but just can't make a decision on my own, mostly because of lack of experience and knowledge, so I'm asking You for help.

    I apologize for my English.
  2. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    I can't speak as to the European market, but that seems like a lot for what is a nice, but not really outstanding, model. I have a couple of Superscope models (R-350 and R-340, the R-350 is basically and earlier version of your receiver with a silver face and pink lighting) and like them, but I don't believe that I'd pay more than US$75 for a pristine model (which, BTW, this one does look great).

    I believe the R-1270 was 25w/ch.

    Welcome to AK!
  3. suntrace1

    suntrace1 New Member

    Thank You for your comment and welcome, both are much appreciated. I hope I won't get a serious "vintage bug" here :)

    Too bad that US and UK have 120V current, otherwise I would get the receiver somewhere overseas.
  4. jami w.

    jami w. just being me thats all

    vintage bug???

    its all ready hooked you my fellow ak friend:thmbsp: like it did with me, i started with just one a 2325 i got from my uncle when he passed away then 15 yrs later , as of this yr that is im now counting the recievers that i own hmmmm,,,,, vintage total of 30 recievers tape decks 12 amps 10, so u see my friend it all starts with just the first one:yes: once u hear it well. then ur gonna be on a mission to save what u can!!!! welcome an keep loving 2 and 4 channel vintage
  5. Chazzer

    Chazzer In Hordious Remissionous Subscriber

    Mwahahahahahaha! :D Just by coming you are allready infected:yes: There is no cure and "resistance is futile" you have been assimilated:thmbsp: Welcome to AK!:music:
  6. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    suntrace1, let me know if you get the R-1270 - I can send you a copy of the owners manual for it (although, it has no specs whatsoever, other than it weighs a bit over 20 lbs. I went looking for it to give you some specs...oh well).
  7. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Banned

    I don't think it's far to call that a Marantz.....that's stretching things a bit. Superscope was the distributor for Marantz for a time, but their products were designed for a lower price point than the comparably powered Marantz. Although the Superscope pictured has much in common appearance-wise with the Marantz 2015, they're really not the same. :no: If you want a Marantz, get a Marantz.
  8. marantzbe

    marantzbe Active Member

    Hello 133€ for that is very expensive, you can find a "True" Marantz for less.
    Where are you located?

  9. suntrace1

    suntrace1 New Member

    In Slovenia, that's near Austria and Italy. Buying something similar from (Germany) would cost me almost the same amount because of the postage and heavy weight. The seller said, that this is practically Marantz 2235 (?).

    He has also some other receivers for the same amount, that caught my eye:

    NIKKO STA-8080

    Vivanco 4800

    Pioneer SX-535

    Would you pick any of these out before R-1270?

    Thank You for the offer CUlater, maybe I'll take your offer, if I decide to take the plunge... I can already picture myself, eating pasta and sleeping without my darling for a month... :)
  10. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    Get the Nikko STA-8080:
    Manufacture Years: 1973 - 1978
    Power: 45
    Retail MSRP: $400.00
  11. marantzbe

    marantzbe Active Member

    I understand now why the price was so high.
    Sometimes the German and the Italian ask a lot of money for receivers or other HIFI items.

    But with a patience I'm sure you'll find a true Marantz for less.
    You could have a baby Marantz like the 2015 for less than 100€.

    Locally I can get a 2225L and a 2215BL for 87€ each (condition at this time unknown)

  12. marantzbe

    marantzbe Active Member

    Uk has 220V, the plugs are different, but the main voltage is 220v-240V like the other European countries.
  13. marantzbe

    marantzbe Active Member

    Superscope was for a time the distributor for Marantz but, in the 70's until Philips take Marantz over, Superscope was the owner of Marantz

  14. Brian

    Brian An Old Geezer

    You need to go by the market where you are not where we are. I remember going overseas some time ago and had my kit full of cameras cheifly from the 30s through early 60s. There were for use and not for sale. I hit 1 country and went into a local camera shop and the owner begged to buy everything I had. In the US at the time, there were $5 to $25 cameras I had bought from the "any offer accepted" pile. I walked out with a new Leica M4 in exchange.

    As for alternatives, I tend to look at relatively unknown units so the Vivanco 4800 looks interesting as the others I recognize. If you decide against the Superscope that I would not discount so quickly I'd suggest researching the 4800. It looks interesting.

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