Marantz Sandwich: 2216, 2215, 2216

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Tucker99, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Tucker99

    Tucker99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Picked up three little Marantz on spec yesterday. One of the 2216 works great...the other powers up but no sound. The 2215 powers up and hums...looked inside and FILTHY. Anyhow, a couple of project units.

    Interestingly, as a novice I had never had a chance to compare, the 2215 is significantly larger physically than the 2216 and completely different inside.
    Can anyone explain why that was so??

    Also, the 2215 is the more golden tones face as compared to the really bright silver 2216...the bright silver being the same as all other Marantz that I have.
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  2. winters860

    winters860 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Does that 2215 with the champagne face have the engraved lettering? That's pretty cool, if so.
  3. Tucker99

    Tucker99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    OK...You are right... engraved, that is a Champagne face...I had never seen one. Too bad but if you open the photo you will see some vertical dark marks on the upper portion of the face to the left of and on the word Marantz....still kind of neat but not pristine... plus it doesn't work yet!!!
  4. Tmac83

    Tmac83 Super Member

    how deep are the marks in the 2215? You might be able to buff them out or clean them up so they aren't visible or as visible. I like the chamapgne color alot. I feel like it really sets them apart from the typical Marantz
  5. Tucker99

    Tucker99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Tmac83 ... Hey man, thanks for the gentle nudge! I had already put the unit away but went with a soft cloth and a bit Fantastic and some Goo-Gone type stuff and whatever it was is almost invisible! Not actually a scratch...maybe some kind of rubber compound rubbed against it somewhere along the line....I'm thinking this will be worth some effort, but I have never done any actual 'electronics' stuff but worst case, I have a great tech. Thanks again!
  6. jstang

    jstang Honey,I can't hear you... Subscriber

    No, No...:no:.

    Marantz units can not be put away....they replace all nonessential items... like the stove, the TV, the refrigerator, the furnace, the......

    Nice trio!

  7. roggom

    roggom Super Member

    The 2215 was made in the early 70's up to 73, same chassis as the 2210 and 2220. The 2216 is almost exact as the 2215b made in the late 70's around 77. Just some info, also the schematic for 2215b is free online. Nice stack there. I'ma 2216 fan as well.

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  8. Tmac83

    Tmac83 Super Member

    No problem, glad it cleaned up nice for you. That's always a great feeling when you can get something removed and you find out that it wasn't a major scratch. That champagne face will be looking prefect in no time

  9. Tucker99

    Tucker99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Champagne 2215


    A photo of the beginning of the clean up on the face of the 2215. You will note that the vertical parallel black marks evident next to the 'Marantz' are now gone! It will never be pristine but it should clean up to an acceptable level.

    But, OMG, look at the insides! In the photos it looks like a light layer of dirt but boy, is the dust and grime ever thick in there!

    I have never tackled anything like this...where does one start and how does one do this? I have a compressor but have been told that is a bad plan as it blows the dirt even deeper, but on a unit this bad, what can it hurt???

    The unit powers up and the panel illuminates ...but no sound... any chance you think it is just so dirty that nothing is happening ???

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  10. Tmac83

    Tmac83 Super Member

    You can use a can of air with the little straw the comes with it to blow dirt in a particular direction. I typically use a make-up brush to begin to clean the dirf off the unit. I pretty sure some people use alcohol with the brush to clean stuff up but you might want to let some people chime in about that before going after it. I probably wouldn't use a compressor, I might just be too powerful. There is a chance that I could be just dirty and deoxit will do the trick. On the other hand when it is that dirty is hard to tell if an joints need a soldered or if the caps are leaky etc. Can't hurt to clean it out and give it some deoxit. Just make sure the unit is unplugged.

  11. roggom

    roggom Super Member

    I start with a 3m techvac with the brush attachement, then move to a smaller handheld acid brush and vaccuum, then finally the canned air and straw. if using alcohol use qtips and test in a small area first, some boards have sealant that turns white and gumms up with alcohol. take a look at a 2226 I did before.

    Have fun
  12. winters860

    winters860 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bah! I have a hard time seeing an air compressor hooked up to a modern OSHA-compliant blowgun really hurting things any. If you have an old blowgun I'd be more circumspect when cleaning electronics. Otherwise, I'd say let 'er rip and watch the dirt fly.

    Canned air is for sissies.
  13. Tmac83

    Tmac83 Super Member

    I don't know why but that quote just made my day:lmao:
  14. Tucker99

    Tucker99 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    "Roggom's Three-Click Restoration"

    Hey Roggom ...

    I just looked at the thread referral re your 2226 re-hab.

    Your photos are better than mine but my 2215 inside looks just like your 2226 did ... maybe a bit dustier even.

    But I really, REALLY like what you did and I want to do it too! I mean, I just went CLICK on photo1 ...dirty, CLICK on photo2 ...clean and CLICK on photo3 ...up and running!

    That's what I want ..."Roggom's Three-Click Restoration" and took all of about 15 seconds!!!

    Now, how you do that???
  15. roggom

    roggom Super Member

    Good 1, Well my workbench is in my house not in the basement and garage. I really dont want to blast someones dead skin cells and nastyness all over my living area. Hmm I wonder if they sell a 2 can holster for my canned air, or wait maybe a felt koozie. LOL:tresbon:

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