Marantz SR5100 Specs?

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by tturner1157, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. tturner1157

    tturner1157 Member

    Hi All...
    I recently picked up a Marantz SR5100 with no user manual so I have no idea what its' specs might be. Any help would be appreciated.
    I know it's from the early 80's (I think!) and not in the Marantz "classics" department. However, I want to pull my 2220B out for a little routine cleaning, maybe re-lamping, etc. and wanted to have something to listen to while it was down. And it was all I could afford right now.
    I've heard 35wpc, 100wpc...but no solid specs. Maybe someone could point me in the direction of a user manual in a pdf for this?
    Haven't hooked it up yet but I'm sure it won't sound as warm as the 2220B...but it's a bridge until I'm done doing whatever with the main unit.

    Thanks....and Happy Holidays to everyone!!! Maybe Santa will bring you some new vintage gear!! :yes:

  2. sumovanner

    sumovanner New Member

    I would like to know what you think of the Marantz SR5100. I am used to 300 watt amp with any number of diffrent pre-amps. so going back to a 100 watt receiver is a little diffrent for me. I just won a very nice looking SR 5100 from the E--Y and I would like to know your opinion of the unit. I am using an early 80's pair of KLH speakers that
    don't even start to breath until you get 100 watts in them.
  3. tturner1157

    tturner1157 Member

    Hey Sumovanner...Got my SR5100 from the same place. You must have got the last one I looked at that just ended a few days ago.
    I have been running mine fairly hard for about the past 2 weeks and I really find it sounds quite good! Sound is real good...maybe not quite as warm as the 2220B...but comparable for sure! I think you'll be pleased.
    I'm running mine into my Cerwin Vegas which will take more than the 100 wpc the SR5100 delivers and I haven't been able to put her much above 9-10 o'clock position on the volume knob. Real nice the led metering too! Although, I think I prefer the old meters but these look and work well.
    Let me know how yours sounds with your speakers. I think the 100 wpc might a bit underrated as well. I think it probably can do more. You will know better than me though since you were dealing with 300 wpc!
  4. tturner1157

    tturner1157 Member

    Almost forgot...I don't think the TT preamp is as good in this as my 2220B unless it's just mine. The only time I have to use my EQ with this is when I play vinyl. Let me know how yours is. My other Marantz doesn't need the EQ on vinyl but this one doesn't sound real full without it.
    Happy Listening...and Happy 2009!
  5. sumovanner

    sumovanner New Member

    Happy days

    Hey tturner1157
    I am at work and the SR5100 just came to the house, I am so excited:banana:
    can't wait to get home tonight, hook that baby up and let it rip:music:
    I also scored a manual off of "the Bay", so when it gets here I can give you all the info you will need or maybe get it copied:thmbsp:
    Check back later cause I will be up all night playing the jams:D
  6. sumovanner

    sumovanner New Member

    Me venting

    Drove over the speed limit all the way home couldn't wait to get into the box :banana:
    Open the box WOW it looks great was packed well. ok, I get it out of the packing and pull it out what do I hear? Stuff clanging around inside :thumbsdn:
    So I start looking it over, face looks good I keep turning it over and little peices are falling around inside it :scratch2:
    I break down and turn it upside down and take the cover loose. Then pick the receiver up off the top wooden cover and there are little black chips of plastic laying in the top so I scrape them up and start looking for the damage not finding any thing on the inside I move to the back. The person who sold it to me had wrapped the cord and plugged it into the switched 100watt outlet. I pulled out the cord and :yikes: the plastic was shattered around that outlet. :tears: SO for 2 hours I cleaned it with air and Deox-it
    rolled the tuner wheel back and forth trying to decided if I should plug it in or not :scratch2: I finally decided to plug it up and see if it worked. The power light came on and the LED's went through a sequence and went off. Went no further :wtf:
    This is where you come in :sadwave: I am almost 100% positive the tuner face should light up and the station indicator should light up. Does yours???
    also what other lights should come on? can you send me a picture of yours in a dim room while it's rockin.....Please?? I bought this as a project and will keep it and restore but I want to rip this guy a new one :uzi: because he billed it as "perfect":
  7. tturner1157

    tturner1157 Member

    WOW...sorry to hear about that. Sounds like somebody needs lessons in packing sensitive electronics. :nono:
    Also, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner...been quite busy.
    On mine, only part of the dial that lights is the tuning pointer itself. Then, of course, the little red stereo pilot is lit.
    Below, ALL the led's should work. The 3 for center tuning, the others for signal strength...and then the bottom wattage meter.
    I will take a pic when I can and send it to the meantime, I hope you can straighten it out. It does sound very nice. I now kind of like it's sound a little better than the 2220B. It certainly packs a lot more power!
    Keep me posted on your progress...and I will try and check in here more often than I have lately!

  8. sumovanner

    sumovanner New Member

    Feeling better now

    Hey Tom
    I have decided to keep the receiver and fix that boken switched outlet. The axial lamp on the dial switch is burnt out, but even though I got the manual I can't seem to figure out what voltage is running to that lamp, got funny readings from the mulit meter. (and you were right) that is the only light in the dial face, that kinda bumms me out I like the multipule lights on the faces of the older models. The LED'S are are working in the signal strength and levels meter. I am going to try and copy as much of the manual as I can but my scanner quit working about a month ago and I need a new one. The sound of this receiver is awsome:music: I have 2 KLH's hooked to Sp1 and 2 Audio Centrons on Sp2. The KLH's are good for moderate volume leves :rockon: but when I want to listen to loud screaming rock and roll :guitar: I kick in the Audio Centrons and light up the house. I have a 10 inch sub with it's own power supply that I run signal off the Tape 1 output, but I can only get that to work with AM/FM receiver, if I am running a cd player plugged into aux/tape3 I get no signal to that tape 1 output:thumbsdn: I tried plugging the cd player to the tape 1 "in" also and that worked, but still no signal to the tape "out" in that mode got any ideas? :scratch2:
  9. dogfood1

    dogfood1 New Member

    Howdy- resurrecting this thread because it seems to have the only mention of the SR5100 at AK.

    I just picked up one of these at the local Goodwill for $9.99. Yep, I finally got to be one of the lucky folks who post on the boards about the great deals on vintage gear.

    Anyway, in short order it has replaced my late-80's Harmon-Kardon pm655vxi integrated amp. I'm driving a pair of Maggies (MMGs) and the H/K just could never stand-up to them and left the sound very sterile. This $10 Marantz seems to have a nice round and warm sound.

    So, I can't find any useful information about this receiver on the interweb - any of you owners (i.e. you sumovanner and tturner1157) have any background to share about the provenance of these things?

    BTW - only the tuning pointer lights up on mine too - the rest of the dial is dark. Very cool analog alternative from my H/K which looks much more Star Wars.

    Kind Regards,


    Marantz SR5100
    Rega Planar 3
    Maggie MMGs
    Nakamichi CR-7A
    Slim Devices Sqeezebox
  10. Smoke2nd

    Smoke2nd New Member

    Whats the policy of bumping these old threads?

    I just got my SR-5100 in yesterday. The bay and got a really good deal on it.
    It came out of the box in near mint condition, and sounds awesome. Now I will admit I don't have a 22XX as those are obviously more sought after. So I'm not sure how it compares, but this thing sounds better than my HK, Kenwood, Toshiba, and Technics.
    I'm very happy with it.
    In immaculate condition.
    Hooked her up to my new SP-3500 Sansuis, and Holy Crap! Some good sounds!
    So there ya go, that's my take.
    Oh yeah, by the way, yes id like to get a 22xx but gotta find the "right" deal.

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