Mcintosh C2300 review Absolute Sound

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Kevin M., Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Well-Known Member

  2. miner

    miner Well-Known Member

    McIntosh quality and craftsmanship - can't argue with that.
  3. MX117.MC7150

    MX117.MC7150 Listener Subscriber

    Seems to think quite highly of the C2300. Who knows.......maybe some day.
  4. Matt The Cat

    Matt The Cat Prowlin' At 78 RPMs

    I like how the reviewer traced the history of Mac's decision to reintroduce tube amps.
  5. jblnut

    jblnut Vintage Audio Nut Subscriber

    If the C2300 is a bargain, what does that make the C220 then ?

    An absolute steal I would say !


  6. onedrop78

    onedrop78 Active Member

    Any thoughts regarding the comments on the MC phono stage? Has anyone had any similar experiences? I have a MC cart, but I have only used it with a much inferior phono stage.
  7. David

    David Active Member

    I cant say I ever heard the MC stage response quirk he mentions.Perhaps what HP heard had something to do with the loading on his cartridge(identity not revealed).
    I'm using an AT33PTG at 100ohms and I do not hear any mid-bass hump. I also rolled in some NOS Telefunkens which kicked the sound quality up many notches over the stock tubes.
  8. Stacked

    Stacked Active Member

    Where did you order the NOS telefunkens? In what way did the improve the sound quality? I have a c2300 and haven't done much tube rolling.
  9. David

    David Active Member

    I've been dealing with a really nice seller on ebay for several years now and he hooked me up to some nice smooth plate,second version. The Telefunken 12AX7 is a pricey,but fairly common tube available from many vendors. Do a google search and you'll find more than a few.

    Rolling the NOS tele's gained audible improvements in detail,like several layers of grunge were lifted off.
    Soundstage really opened up with much greater dimensionality. Overall musicality and enjoyment jumped way up!. I highly recommend you pull the stock tubes out because they're barely adequate and simply don't do justice to as fine a piece as the C2300.
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  10. Rick58

    Rick58 Active Member

    I have the C220, and put some used, tested good ribbed plate Teles in there. Wasn't quite 'night and day' but was a noticeable uptick in good sonics. A little more resolution, musicality, something.

    Actually, this was in the line section. I want to get some smooth plates & have a shootout, with the 'losers' going in the phono section (as I don't use it that much). The C220 only accepts MM or HOMCs (as I use) carts.

    I got mine from SND Tube Sales

    I don't care about printing, so they were (I think?) $80 each in a matched pair.

    I think others are available for a similar price elsewhere, and one can go to >$1000 EACH for extremely rare varieties!

    HTH, - Rick.
  11. j3brow

    j3brow Active Member


    I also rolled some Telefunkens into the C2300 both MM and line stages. I did not find the difference to be "night and day" but a worthwhile improvement none the less with a 'sweetening' of the sound - improved musicality. Of course, there are likely differences in the sound of various NOS, match tubes which could account for the end results. I purchased mine from Brent Jesse tubes. they were around 100 a piece a year or so ago. Well worth the effort. I will eventually pick up another couple of matched pairs to have in reserve.

  12. onedrop78

    onedrop78 Active Member

    I am using Tele in the MC and Raytheon Windmills in the Line stage. Really happy with both.

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