McIntosh LS360 with myamp?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by niklos, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. niklos

    niklos New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I may buy some McIntosh LS360 Loudspeakers to replace my Klipsch RF5.
    I currently own an Onkyo M5590 as a poweramp. I was wondering if it is powerfull enough for those speakers.
    My room is 215 square feet right now but I am going to change the room soon or later and the next room should be about twice as big.
    What do you think about all of that ?
  2. McSpectre

    McSpectre Member

    If at a good price, buy them!
    I own them and its hard to out grow them. Period!

    I had them in a small room and pushed them with just 75 watts. (MA2275)

    Now they are in a large room with 500 watts per channel, and bloomed.

    I liked their sound better then the XLS, and they go to a much lower hz (29hz) if you are not using a sub.
  3. niklos

    niklos New Member

    Ok. Thanks for your answer. I can get thep for 2100€ which is a fair price i believe. Then I am using a sub which is a sunfire true sub mkiv but I think i ap going to sell my klipsch speaker and the sub if I buy the Mc. So my onkyo will be ok with those 2 McIntosh. That great!

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