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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Nikko75, May 24, 2008.

  1. Nikko75

    Nikko75 Listener and Music Lover

    I am wondering where the MC2505 stands as far as sound quality and reliability. I have no experience with that amplifier.:scratch2:
  2. Mike Gibson

    Mike Gibson Modulator Super Mod Subscriber

    I've had one since 1971 and it's been in the shop once. It's been a daily player in one capacity or another. It's probably one of three or four amps that were the most popular in it's day and they still get a lot of attention today.

    This was one of the first SS amps that McIntosh built and the sound is one of three reasons I bought the amp. The other two were the three year warranty (unheard of at that time) and looks.

    I've been told at an amplifier clinic they tried to voice it like a tube amp. IMHO they succeeded admirably. There were something like 11-12K sold so they must have done something right. :)

    The only caution I can think of is it should be serviced if it hasn't been already. To modernize the caps and such.
  3. Nikko75

    Nikko75 Listener and Music Lover

    I think I would like one to see what MC was like back then.
  4. onemug

    onemug AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had one for a long time. Took it to a Mac clinic, way back when, and it tested at 73 watts per channel.

    SQ is very representative of the ol Mac sound.

    Reliability, well it's closing in on 40 yrs old. I would have a tech check it out and it will probably last another 40.
  5. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    A few months ago after sorting through the aftermath of an interstate move, I hooked up the 2505 and it sounded good.. and ran fine after all these years without ANY signs of malfunction. It could use a good servicing including caps, deoxing and lube. The sheet metal screws had turned green but are shined up now. When switching to the 2205 however, it becomes apparent there was a whole different level of power and sound quality present. The 2505 is still a fine specimen of electronics from the early Solid State era!!

  6. onemug

    onemug AK Subscriber Subscriber


    We were on similar paths. I noticed a big difference also when I got my 2205. I really loved that amp. Next was the 2255, not so different.

    What has been your path after the 2205?
  7. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    My McIntosh amplifier path was the following second-hand Mc dealer trading:

    11-28-1987, purchased MC2120........... $795
    11-28-1987, purchased MC2120 panel, 045-022.. $ 41.34
    12-19-1987, traded-in.. MC2120.......... ($795)
    12-19-1987, purchased MC2200........... $950
    06-12-1989, traded-in.. MC2200.......... ($800)
    06-12-1989, purchased MC2205........... $1100

    The only upgrade after the MC2205 was the Thiel 3.5 speakers on 12-08-2007 some 18-1/2 years later. As already stated the 2205 is one `wicked powerful´ amplifier. The 2255 was a big jump in price and I wasn't too keen on the diagnostics circuitry. I also regret peddling the 2200 now. :(

    Let's not forget this discussion is about the 2505, which I purchased 8-21-1989 for $350 from EZ in Chicago.

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  8. onemug

    onemug AK Subscriber Subscriber

    "Let's not forget this discussion is about the 2505,"

    Yes, apologies to Nikko75. Should have used the PM feature.

    Best way for me to describe the 2505 is "non fatiguing" and as a tip for anyone buying one: Have it packed to the nth degree. The glass can break real easy during the shipping. The 250 is the same amp, cheaper and no glass to break if you are just looking for the sound.
  9. musicmessiah

    musicmessiah Active Member

    My MC2505 is my first Mc piece and puts out 70 watts of beautiful music in my den. It may be the baby boomer in the family but it's aged gracefully IMO. Unfortunately it's now back at AC being serviced and is truly missed at the moment. :tears:
  10. painterman

    painterman New Member

    From MC225 to MC2505

    I recently swapped my MC225 with an MC2505, on loan from my Dad. He bought it new in 1969 and it's been in use ever since. As compared to the 225, I've only had it for a few days, and it does have a similar sound as I understand it was voiced to do so. One difference I have noticed is that the extra power seems to drive my Sonus Faber Concertino speakers a bit better, and does benefit the phono section, which has a slightly fuller sound than with the 225. Both are paired with an MX 110 brought to spec and anyway, they all sound great.
    Good luck with your 2505.
  11. Gaucho1

    Gaucho1 Well-Known Member

    My two Mc Vintage amps are a 5100 integrated and a MC2105 both from the same era as the 2505. If 50 watts is all you need, I'm sure it will sound beautiful. When I got my 5100 back from Terry Dewick, I was astonished at the quality of sound coming from my rather inexpensive Infinity speakers that I had connected to it. The imaging was unexpected and quite startling.

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