McIntosh XR-19 Speaker Question

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by rossieri, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. rossieri

    rossieri New Member

    Good combo pre/amp for these???
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  2. AudioClassics1

    AudioClassics1 Super Member

    Those speakers do like power. If you want to do tubes, the MC275 does seem to sound the best on the XR19's. However many people do like to do a "hybrid" type of setup with a tube preamp and a solid state amp. I would consider the C220/MC352 combo. The sonic dynamics of the solid state amp will really open up the speakers nicely without getting bright. The tube preamp will keep things from getting bright.

    The XR19 are a great purchase! They are in my top 5 McIntosh speaker list!:thmbsp:
  3. PeteB

    PeteB New Member

    I have the XR19 speakers and I'm using a C35 pre amp with a MC 7200 amp which puts out 200 watts. Source is a MCD 7009. They sound wonderful. If I was in the market for a newer amp I would look at a 352 or the new 402..PeteB
  4. phil_er_up

    phil_er_up Member

    I have xrt22 and started with 6900, not enough power, then went to a 402, had enough power but upgraded to 501's. Big difference between the 402 and 501 was somewhat surprised. I go with the 352 at least but if you can afford more amp I would.
  5. sully1801

    sully1801 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    McIntosh speakers were never know for their efficiency, but those XR19’s are definitely among the better speakers they’ve made over the years, an overlooked gem, as I’ve heard others comment. I looked for them on the used market for some time, but never found a pair. I would recommend a minimum of 200 watts to do them justice.

    Hey Ryan, you’ve got me wondering what your other 4 Mc speakers are to round out your top 5 list…?:scratch2:
  6. spkrman57

    spkrman57 wrongsideofthetracks

    I temporarily have a pair of Mc XR-14 spkrs and found my MC-240 did not bring them to life like a good 200 wpc SS amp did.

    They are only rated at 100 watts, but a larger amp used carefully provided the best results for me.

    I am guessing your XR-19s are similiar in behavior.

    Regards, Ron
  7. AudioClassics1

    AudioClassics1 Super Member

    ok, Sully sent me a PM to remind me to give my top 5 McIntosh speakers. So here is the list. I do take into account the monetary values in my decision as well.

    5. XR7
    4. XR19
    3. XRT22
    2. XRT25
    1. XRT1K

    Of course you will see that the XRT2k's are not there, considering I would have to purchase a new & larger house to buy those, I didn't add them. They do sound great, but my list is for speakers that I have owned or will own in the future.
  8. william.keith

    william.keith Super Member

    Re: Top McIntosh Speakers

    The previous McIntosh LS loudspeaker line results from the most ambitious speaker development project in McIntosh history. Never have McIntosh speakers and electronics enjoyed such harmony of quality, performance, and purpose.
  9. sully1801

    sully1801 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was hopeing for some one else to chime in & sing the praises of the LS speaker line...Like I said, a few years ago, I was actively looking for a pair of XR19's, but then I heard the LS360's & my direction changed...shortly after that there was a giant sucking sound of money leaving my wallet. I bought the speakers, but 200WPC wasn't enough to do them justice, so I upgraded from a MC2205 to a MC500. Good stuff! :thmbsp:
  10. D-Bucket

    D-Bucket New Member

    Interesting list, seems your ranking is chronological linear with a positive slope. :yes: I'm sure the sonic quallity was high in your evaluation and you did mention the cost factor, but I am wondering did looks or aesthetic appeal play any role in your choices?

    5. XR7 ---> 1976-1980
    4. XR19 ---> 1981-1987
    3. XRT22 ---> 1986-1993
    2. XRT25 ---> 1993-????
    1. XRT1K ---> ????-????
  11. JSCC

    JSCC Super Member

    I would love to own a pair of nice mint condition XR19. Its a rare breed!
  12. jdandy

    jdandy Super Member

    rossieri.......As you can tell, you have discovered the very best audio forum on the web. Welcome. If you can't find your answers here, you will have to contact NASA.
  13. rhkwon

    rhkwon MacPioneerFan

    These speakers like power and imo sound a lot better with amps that have autoformers. The direct coupled amps sound a bit dry, thin and way too trebly when matched with these speakers.

    The MC2100 was great with these.
  14. rossieri

    rossieri New Member

    Thanks to everyone for their expertise and opinions.
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