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    I found this system, an all-in-one type system with amp, EQ, radio and dual cassette deck all in the same box, for $12.83 at a local thrifty. I can't get much info off the case, says "MCS Series 2262" on the front, "Dist. by J.C. Penney" on the back. But it says it runs at 400W for the whole system, and when I plugged it in it got LOUD FAST when I turned up the dial—like 2 out of 10 was difficult to talk over (it's late at night, so maybe that's a little extreme :D)—so I'm wondering what the specs on this thing are, anybody able to lend a hand?

    The date code on back is C603 if that helps, but I have no idea how to translate those into English. Also says Made in Japan on the back, so I'm thinking it's probably an NEC make? Any idea on that?

    Last thing, I bought this to tear apart for a homemade boombox on a budget for my lady—how will this thing hold up if I tear out everything but the EQ and amp? I've never come close to tearing something like this apart, so I honestly don't know what to expect.

    EDIT: Sorry for low-quality pics, my phone is all I have. :(

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