MCS 6502=Technics SL-23?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by WilliamK1974, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. WilliamK1974

    WilliamK1974 New Member

    Hey all,

    Awhile back, I picked an MCS 6502 tt up out of a roadside trashpile. Having done my time in retail years ago, I recognized it as JCPenney's house brand, but didn't know much else about it.

    I took the platter off and it's stamped Technics on the bottom. A little online research showed that there is some speculation that this tt might be a lower-end cousin to the SL-23, which was a belt-drive Technics product.

    It looks like it might have been a decent, though inexpensive tt. It's two speeds, with anti-skate and stroboscopic pitch control. The cueing lever is well-damped.

    The belt is broken and the cart would need to be replaced in order for it to be useable, but there's another problem. When I switch it on, nothing happens. Neither the motor spins, nor does the strobe light up. It must have either a bad switch or burned up motor.

    I guess my question is should I go to any great lengths to get it running? I've got a good Pioneer PL-A35, but it looks like most folks here have more than one working tt. I'm just curious if it's worth the effort.

  2. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    I had one of those back in the early 80s. I always thought it was a POS, lol. How are the tonearm bearings? They were often prone to quite a bit of slop.
    But as a second 'table? Why not? I just wouldn't put any money into it, other than a cheap cartridge.

    I may be thinking of another turntable I had, but I remember one that the platter didn't start spinning until the tonearm was moved from the rest, towards the platter.

    The PL-A35 (I've got one too) is obviously the better of the two (although not exactly a 'sonic wonder' either). Just my opinion.:D

  3. WilliamK1974

    WilliamK1974 New Member

    The MCS 6502 starts up by turning on the speed switch and moving the tone arm over to the platter. Now, way back in the day, my parents bought me one of those one-piece integrated stereo systems at Sears with tt, tuner, and tape deck. I was quite proud of it at the time, and it had one of the best analog tuners on it that I've ever had. It had a tt on it like what you're describing where you started the platter by moving the tone arm toward the record. No telling how heavy it tracked, nor is there any way of knowing just how much groove damage it might have done to my records.

    Now, the PL-A35 might not have been top of the heap, but I've really enjoyed it. I got it for $50 back in 1994 from one of my former high school teachers. After cleaning the nicotine residue off, replacing the belt, and changing out the cart, it worked well enough. I'd replaced its old cart with an inexpensive Stanton from Radio Shack. That cart was good but not great. A few years ago, my brother got me a Shure N97xe, which was like night and day compared to the Stanton. There may be better carts out there, but for the money, that one's hard to top.
  4. WilliamK1974

    WilliamK1974 New Member

    Actually, thanks to your post, I've discovered there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the tt. Just a broken belt and bad cartridge.
  5. totem

    totem AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SL-23 is a nice little belt drive TT, adjustable pitch, strobe, decent arm. Had one way back, in fact it was my first table.

    If some one wanted to start off with a low investment, it would be one to consider if in good shape.
  6. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    Glad to hear the 'table is fine.:thmbsp: Also good to know my memory isn't faulty.:D

    RE: PL-A35. It is a solidly built turntable, and an adequate performer, just nothing special. I'm sure the M97xE makes a major difference.:D One of my favorite cost-effective carts.:thmbsp:

  7. Blue Meanie

    Blue Meanie Scratch 'n' Sniff

    Which puts it a step or two above the MCS 6502, IMO.

  8. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice table IF - the tone arm bearings are OK? Gently try to rock it all motion directions with two fingers? If no play, you are golden :) I like that little table. You can upgrade by putting a piece of tile backer board in the base to get a bit more mass (cut and glue in). How's the headshell? The cart wires? Any hum when plugged into the receiver?

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