meissner 8c tube fm tuner brought back from the dead

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by ke4mcl, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. ke4mcl

    ke4mcl Banned

    got this meissner tuner from w1jm for the princely sum of $20 and that included shipping! what a guy eh? :thmbsp:

    it wasnt a hard rebuild. one 3 section lytic and about 3 other lytics to replace and that was it. one smashed 6c4 tube which i was lucky enough to have an NOS one in my stash and she was ready to rock.

    powered it up and all i got was white noise. talk about pee in my koolaid!

    brought it home and tested all the tubes. had a worn out 6c4 (not the one i put in) and a worn out 6ba6. put two fresh ones in and shes alive and well now. looks great on the nightstand with my mono 6v6 amp.

    at 40uV sensitivity according to roger russell, this thing needs a bit of antenna to pick up weak stations. gonna work on hiding a dipole somewhere behind the headboard or something of the sort.

    enjoy the pic.

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  2. Glassweights

    Glassweights Compulsive about tubes

    Very cool

    Nice looking unit!
  3. ke4mcl

    ke4mcl Banned

    rude awakening last night... no agc apparently. was tuning around and turned up volume to hear a weak station and wham! a powerful local came blasting through. this tuner acts like an AM tuner. stations are louder according to signal strength! kinda funny in a way.

    hopefully it will behave better when i put a dipole on it and everything is strong.
  4. sheltie dave

    sheltie dave Addicted Member

    Good show there, ke4mcl!
  5. w1jim

    w1jim I can fix it but good... Subscriber

    Glad you're enjoying it - it was a lonely beauty here. Now you just need to build that LCD clock and put an ipod dock into it and you'll be the envy of the younger set :scratch2:.

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