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    I had a privite message from another member regarding the MHZS CD88E player, and decided I would post the conversation for the good of the community. If anyone has any questions or comments or anything to add feel free to contribute.

    Originally Posted by jackaudio
    Originally Posted by Jim M
    Hi Jack:
    I’m Jim and I live in the Los Angeles Area of California in the US.into
    In your Intro you mentioned you are installing new opamps in your MHZS CD88E.
    I just received my CD88E Friday 2-1-08 (after 2 ½ months in the mail) and cannot wait to get it my system.
    I have not even plugged it in yet and already I am thinking of improvements so I was wondering what your experiences have been.

    Did you install the opamps and have you formed any opinions of them yet?
    I think that would make a great topic in the forum. A lot of people would be interested in what you did and the results.

    When you got your CD88E did you notice any sound improvement as the tubes burned in?
    Have you tried any tube rolling yet with it?
    While waiting for mine to arrive I picked up a matched pair each of Tung-Sol 12AX7 / ECC803-S Gold (Gold Pin) and Ei Elite 12AX7EG Amplifier Tubes (Gold Pin) to try out.

    I would appreciate any experiences with the CD88E you would be willing to share.
    If you would like to do it in the forum that would be great.

    Hi Jim greeting from Australia and thanks for your message, immediately when i plugged the unit in I was impressed.

    Then I Left the cd player playing continuously for 3 days, noticing improvements daily, and I still beleive it keeps sounding better and better...

    Then I tried some different tubes, i used a pair of old Brimars which really seemd to open up the sound, this to me was NO minor improvement.. havnt had the $$ to get any different tubes, but I beleive the better tubes will make bigger difference

    We compared my player against a modified Shanling CDT80 with Burson opamps and some other upgraded components and my friends dedicated Meridian transport and DAC His combo was worth $2000-$3000 (cant remember models)
    and my MHZS even with standard opamps killed both of them.

    I did install the opamps which seemed to make a slight difference, but not as big as it seemed to make in the Shanling.

    I am extremely happy with my CD Player and really feel no need to change anything at moment...Value for money is astonishing, you would have to spend a lot more money to get somthing as good as this.
    Build quality is great this is one heavy player.

    Anything else just ask.


    Greetings Jack and thank you very much for your reply.
    You provided me with some great information.
    I really wanted to try out a player with tubes and I had heard the MHZS players were very good for the money.
    Good to see the comparison to the Shanling as I was considering one also.
    You have already tried some of the things I was thinking of doing so you have saved me some time and money.
    Don’t think I will try new opamps at this time but I will definitely do some tube rolling later.
    First I need to set it up and get some burn in time going.
    Thanks again Jack and hope to talk to you again sometime.
    BTW – You should post some of this information about what you have done on the forum.
    There are a lot of kindred spirits there who would love to hear and discuss this.

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