Micro Seiki "Solid 1"

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Dynacophil, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile


    Does anybody know anything about this Belt Drive TT or has a source of pics or Tech Information?

    Found a seller selling a Lot of Crap for cheap and i believe that the offered TT in this Lot is this player...

  2. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

  3. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

  4. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!


    Strange, I just checked and the link works.
    Anyway, I´ve just downloaded the PDF user´s manual.
    PM me your email if you would like me to send it to you, only 366 Kb.
  5. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

    It works again, thank you!

    but there is no MR 122 - he told me its a MR 122...

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  6. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

    You got me confused here.
    Is it a Solid 1 or an Mr 122?

    I´m attaching a pic from an MR 111 ( stolen from thevinylengine.com ) which might be similar. In fact it doesn´t look like there is a big difference to the Solid 1.
    I believe these models were BOTL in Micro´s line-up, but being Micro Seiki, above average anyway.
  7. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile


    In the auction he wrote Micro belt drive Solid 1.

    in a mail he wrote MR-122 - this should be correct. don't know where he got the solid 1 from.

    i am confused too :)

    what should i offer him for a MR-122 in as he tells me very good condition?
    I have to count that from suisse shipping isn't cheap.. i guess 35EU i have calculate for this.

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  8. bordeno

    bordeno Super Member

    The Solid 1 was modeled after the Tannoy/ Micro TM 55 DD you see as my avatar. Solid 1 was belt drive, the T/M was direct.

    Not as nice as the T/M IMHO but looks just like it. T/M was the predecessor to Micro/ Seiki.
  9. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

    Interesting background about Tannoy. now i know its a MR 122... what do you think about this, and what would you offer someone for it...

    btw - you are 356 days younger tan me.. :) that makes me think about the number i get this year...

  10. bordeno

    bordeno Super Member

    Can't concentrate right now, too distracted by your avatar :D

    I'm not familiar with the other turntable. But I wouldn't offer much since you can get a better turntable than any of these, such as a Sony PS-X7 or PS-X6, for way under $100 on eBay.

    One good thing about being 47 is you're not 50 yet which is considered "middle age"

    However when you do turn 50 you can buy a Corvette, using the "mid-life crisis" excuse. But selling the excuse to your wife would be a different matter!

  11. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

  12. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

    Corvette (the one I would want...) would be really more than just Senselessly
    here in Germany... i guess gas is getting expensive in usa too, but here we laugh about this, we pay more for a liter then you for a gallon.


    :) i will try to finish my 1957 NSU Prima Scooter next year... as a bit less bad Reconciliation!

    I don't know much about the Seiki, just heard they are well.
    In fact, a friend asked me to get him a decent turntable, and i thought an old Micro Seiki could be a nice start into it.
    I myself have a Rega P2 in my System and a CEC BD-5200 as source for the PC-System that does right what i want him to...
    This would give me the chance to check it out, compare it to my CEC, if really a deal, i would give away the CEC and keep the Micro seiki, if not pass it after check and adjustment.

    I thought to offer the Owner 100 Euro including shipping - while shipping is ~35 Euro. 100 Euro are somewhat 115 $?! i am not sure abut exchange rate...

    Or do you find it too much?

  13. Dynacophil

    Dynacophil I ain't Phil, I'm 'phile

    this Guy is a bit confused. first the TT he wants to sell is a Micro Solid 1. Then he sent me a Tech Spec of a MR 122. So i thought its one. Now he sent me pix, and what you guess, its a Solid one again...


    It looks ok except the acryl...

    Me and a friend ordered 4 Shure M97xe (afriends friend from USA will bring them end of April to Germany) - here 115 EU / ~140$ is the price in the stores...

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