MiniDisc - An Appreciation

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Bassblaster, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Bassblaster

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    Cambridge, Ohio

    Credit to Techmoan on YouTube
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  2. Franksta

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    A very nice short documentary on the minidisc. I have a renewed interest in minidisc lately myself. I think that most audio enthusiasts don't
    realize what an interesting fun and effective format those little discs are.People talk about a recent revival in cassettes. As a recording medium the
    minidisc should be of a lot more interest than the cassette.It is still a hands on media that is tactile and fun to play with. Reliable and dependable
    with amazingly good sound reproduction. They solve that desire for a physical media in hand. Easy to store and collect. Great portability.
    Let's hear it for the long lost minidisc!
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  3. Decibel_116

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    Madison, Alabama, USA
    And there was much rejoicing...
  4. vwestlife

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    Sony put the same relentless perfectionism into MiniDisc as they did with Betamax -- they kept making improvements and adding new features to the format and its equipment, even long after it had become obvious that it would never be a mainstream success. Unfortunately many of those improvements and new features were only partially backwards compatible with older players and recorders.

    I have one portable and one home audio component MiniDisc recorder, but both pre-date the advent of MDLP, and thus suffer from audible compression artifacts. To my ears, a good recording on Type II Chrome cassette tape with Dolby C NR sounded better, so MiniDisc never replaced cassette as my primary physical media audio recording format.
  5. Markoneswift

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    Aotearoa New Zealand
    The guy who runs Techmoan does a great job with his reviews - I've watched pretty much all his stuff and found him to be knowledgable and pretty entertaining. I particularly enjoy the puppetry and the ironic English wit :)

    I have one Sony portable MD at the moment and still enjoy the sound reproduction of it.
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  6. luxmaster

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    West Coast, BC
    I Agree. I have him saved on my YouTube playlist. I love the minidisc format. Mdlp sounds mediocre anyway and only record in sp mode for best quality. I have multiple players and decks and even a couple of car decks as I still listen to md wherever I go
  7. frahengeo

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    So much potential...back in 1992.

    I still use my MD occasionally, but the ability to stream music has definitely reduced my usage.

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. jobrewer1983

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    San Jose, CA
    There are a few threads on the mini disc, cool player!
  9. Technics-goy

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    I have quite a lot of SONY MD stuff as well, but it's long retired. My MD collection is pretty worthless as ATRAC is lossy compression, 14kHz is the limit it seems. So I had to chase the tracks again on CD, now its all good, all FLAC. Altho MD is otherwise a great portable format and handy in the field.

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