Misheard lyrics ("The Crosseyed Bear")

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by Hendrix416, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hendrix416

    Hendrix416 Nice Buzz/Good Tunes

    Ever hear a song and a certain line raises the question "Did they just sing what I thought they sang?"

    I used to think Otis Redding in "Dock of the Bay" was singing: Sitting on the top of a bed watching a tire roll away." The real lyrics were "Sittin on the dock of the bay watching a tide roll away."
  2. Montycat

    Montycat You can call me Andrew Subscriber

    I think this thread concept has been done before, but what the heck.

    When Freda Payne sang Band Of Gold when I was a kid I was sure she was saying pantyhose. At age 11 I was not quite sure why someone would leave their pantyhose behind but I thought I had an idea.

    "Since you've been gone
    All that's left is your panty hose
    All that's left of the dream I hold
    Is your panty hose"

  3. BlindBoyGrnt

    BlindBoyGrnt Nullius in verba Subscriber

    Howdy pardiner!
  4. Sandy G

    Sandy G Spiteful Old Cuss Moderator Subscriber

    Couple of Gospel ones-"Constipated Cross-Eyed Bear"-Consecrated Cross I Bear.."Old Shit's A-Dyin'..'- Old Ship of Zion..
  5. djwhy60

    djwhy60 Rat Shack Fan Subscriber

    "There's a bad moon on the rise" = "There's a bathroom on the right".....no kidding that is what I though they said!
  6. qpagoda

    qpagoda Super Member

    On Fogerty's Premonition album, that is what he sings as a joking reference to the misheard lyric.
  7. qdrone

    qdrone Music is my mistress

    Deep Purple / Pictures of Home.

    They sing "I'm alone here" I sang "I'm a longhair" :D
  8. costerdock

    costerdock Super Member

    To this day I thought Blinded by the light was referring to douche I just checked and it is duece I guess duece coupe now it makes sense
  9. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

  10. BOUXY

    BOUXY Super Member

    All of these are funny but mine it seems to me is bad or sad,take your pick!
    My favorite 60'-70's Band THE WHO sand "Who are you" right and for 25+ yrs I thought they sang "Cool Water" and still to this day don't know why...lolOLOLOLOL:)

    P/S...Must be the Country in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. lawnerd

    lawnerd Active Member

    Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze. "'scuse me while I kiss this guy."

    I used to think Jimi swung both ways.
  12. jonman

    jonman Addicted Member

    Check out Songfacts for more misheard lyrics.
  13. Gregoire

    Gregoire Turn up the music, HI as FI can go... Subscriber

    Paper Lace - "The Night She Called the Guy"
  14. screenersam

    screenersam aka Blind Sugar McGee

    'Ain't no Woman like the One-Eyed Gott'
  15. jsisk

    jsisk Not 2 Old 2 Rock & Roll Subscriber

    Probably one of the most difficult song lyrics to understand. Elton John has a few frequently mis-sung songs.
  16. Montycat

    Montycat You can call me Andrew Subscriber

    You mean like "Someone shaved my wife tonight"? :scratch2:

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