Mitsubishi M-AV2 Receiver

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  1. Morning all. I'd picked up this receiver over a year ago, one of my first "bay" purchases. I liked the looks and thought it looked classier than the Pioneer VSX-407 Receiver I'd had since new. Once it got here, it sounded so much better than the Pioneer, especially the surround/matrix effect. It was my main receiver until I caught the vintage silver bug. It went upstairs and I pretty much forgot about it. I've been selling some gear to finance for more gear, and considered selling this. I cleaned it up took some pics and hooked her up to my system. I forgot how nice this receiver sounds. I'm hesitant about selling it now, since my original plan was to have this as a bedroom/computer room unit, but other vintage gear took those spots. From what I remember in my research, this receiver was rated at 100 wpc and has all kinds of inputs/outputs, it is actually an audio/video receiver and I'm thinking an early surround sound receiver. Manufactured in 1988 and retailed for about $1000.00? I especially like the dark gray brushed aluminum finish and the hidden panel for some of the function controls. I've not seen many of these--just wanted to share.

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    Welcome to the world of audio hording....I mean collecting. :D
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    I thought it was 200 Watts not 100 Watts

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    Love it

    I have one and absolutely LOVE IT. And it also has a wonderful FM tuner.

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