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  1. yungin's-dad

    yungin's-dad Last of the Baby Boomers Subscriber

    Just seen an add in the local paper. Mitsubishi stereo amp, turntable, tuner, and cassette deck - $30.00.

    My wife called and we're going to pick it up tomorrow. I will get in here as soon as I get her home. This could be a big let down, however it could be very eventful!! And yes.... I'll post some pictures.

  2. doctorbongo

    doctorbongo Super Member

    Hi, Ron. I picked up a similar array, amp DA-U155, matching tuner and EQ for ten bux. The volume on the amp doesn't work, but the kind fellas here have given me some input in how to get it to provide some output. It's high on my projects list, because it looks good and has ample power. I'll be interested in hearing your comments on the gear.
  3. Rex Everything

    Rex Everything are you Shpongled?

    Willamette Valley
    Hopefully the amp is a DA-A10 or 15 and the pre is a DA-P.....
  4. Holst

    Holst Addicted Member

    S Crow Wing Co. Minnesota
    Sounds kinda like good news to me.
  5. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    I too picked up a Mitsubishi setup like you described, sans turntable. I got it for $25. It had the DA-u155 integrated amp like drbongo. The amp is simple in layout and would be easy to work on. The volume control fader was bad on mine also and a flushing with 92% isopropyl alcohol followed with deoxit and faderlube seems to have taken care of the issue. It is not the greatest sounding amp I have but for the money was worth it. It will be a good amp to gift someone with if I could ever find anyone that still wants 2 channel.:D Good luck with your find.
  6. yungin's-dad

    yungin's-dad Last of the Baby Boomers Subscriber

    Thanks guys! I picked it up today, and I'm a little let down, (you know I was hoping for that big score). I probably shouldn't have bought it, but it belonged to an elderly gentleman, and I didn't have the heart to say it was junk, so we payed him and loaded it into the trunk. I'll gift it to someone for their garage or something. Here's the list:

    DA-U106 Integrated
    DP-37B TT
    DT-77 Cassette
    DA-F76 Tuna
    DA-G156L EQ

    I'll hook it up before too much longer, and give it a listening to.

  7. doctorbongo

    doctorbongo Super Member

    Looking at your list of amps/receivers, I can see why you weren't blown away by the Mitsu, Bubba. I'm glad I know what to not look forward to now.


    Once I get around to cleaning out the innards, it will make a good gift to someone (the stuff looks basically new), esp. if I can find some decent speakers in my array that I want to clear out.

    Did you get a chance to audition the tuner? Was it also medicre?
  8. MitsuMan

    MitsuMan Super Member

    The epitome of BPC :sigh:
  9. Schnotz

    Schnotz New Member

    I have one of the Da u-155 amps with a matching equalizer that has ten bands per channel plus a bass synthesizer in it. These were acquired in the rain at the Curbside Discount Store right before the garbage truck got there. Price was low enough even I could afford it. I really like this amplifier, and the equalizer. The sound is balanced, with a good driving bass and clear treble. One problem is, if you dont know what the bass synthesizer is (and I didnt) and you try it out right after picking it out of the trash, you will discover some rather disturbing effects such as female voices having a decidedly masculine sound to them. I finally figured out the bass synthesizer, which was turned all the way up, and found if you use it in moderation (like most processors) it sounds very good. I really like this amp, but had to thoroughly clean out the controls, especially the volume sliders before it would work well. I am guessing that most problems with this amp are related to dirty controls. This may have been due to the trash pile part of this equipment's lineage, but once you get the controls fixed, this is a reliable workhorse amp with plenty of power. I know a lot of audio snoobs look down on these amplifiers as parts of a rack system, but I have still found it to be a very good amplifier.

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