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    I use an HD-Plex linear to power both a Motorola modem and Cisco router. Each requires 12V which is easy to find.

    While mine was a bit pricey, you can find them at Jameco quite inexpensively. A 1A model runs ten bucks.
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    Thankfully my stuff is now on a different circuit, on another floor of the house. With that and the conditioner (which wasn't cheap), things are nice and clean in the system. :)

    I'm also looking out for regulated linear power supplies for a couple of my components. They are simple enough to build, so I may end up rolling my own.
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    Good deal! My music server and network gear is likewise located on another floor than the music system.

    I run the computer first through a UPS and then a Tripp Lite to minimize grunge being put on the AC line.
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    The biggest issue with the proliferation of SMPSs is the mains waveform distortion they are causing to the grid as a whole. This is rarely discussed.

    You can use a lovely linear supply, but the waveform coming out of the secondary of the transformer is just a smaller replica of the messed up one that is going in. With routers, they have multiple on board DC-DC converters running at 30KHz+ in addition to their WiFi, all of which contribute to the mess of EMI we surround ourselves with these days.

    If you've ever wondered why transformers hum more than they once did, particularly toroidals, it's often caused by DC offset on the mains. DC blockers make a phenomenal difference to sensitive gear. My entire test bench and all the instruments are run through DC blocking and various filters.

    Unfortunately, the only real solution is to re-generate your own mains from a pure sinewave sourced inverter, locally and run our gear from its own line.
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    I am reading all these knowledgeable replies with a keen interest. Just when I read " HD-Plex linear" is the way to go to power the modem and router, Then I read ,"Unfortunately, the only real solution is to re-generate your own mains from a pure sinewave sourced inverter, locally and run our gear from its own line" which of course I can't understand, I'm thinking my best solution is to just turn the modem and router off, and the fluorescence lights and cell phone chargers.
    But I hope this thread stays alive with all the good advise.
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    The "turn 'em off" solution will become difficult when she returns home and wants to surf while you listen...

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    I couldn't cast or stream without them.

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