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moderators, I have a question about my "likes I've received"

Discussion in 'AK New Format' started by ferninando, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. nj pheonix

    nj pheonix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Jersey
    We foster for a local shelter.
    We do our best to make them used to people
    (Make them lovable)
    Some of the ones caught late are tough.
    Out of 60 or so over the last year and a half ( biggest batch 5 and a mother, never again).
    We've only had 2 we couldn't rehabilitate, they became barn cats.
    At 2 lbs they get neutered and shelter takes them for adoption.
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  2. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    MI, US
    Thread hijack by kittens. :D

    Good on ya! :thumbsup:
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  3. RichPA

    RichPA Don't drive angry Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    We will be.
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  4. Luckyorleans

    Luckyorleans Active Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Kitten and puppy pictures = auto likes :beerchug:
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