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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by kelsa, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. kelsa

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    Anyone have any experience with this piece? I am using a C27 and was wondering how the MX117 would compare.
  2. Gregory

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    The following page MAY be of interest. It describes the C27 and prior C26, as well as the MX112.

    Not exactly the MX117 however that is described here:

    AND, here are the preamps:

    Check the specs that Roger has compiled including dates `Sold fromĀ“ (i.e. vintage.)


    "McIntosh instruments have been and are the LABORATORY STANDARD for the world."
  3. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    Here's more info per your request. From the McIntosh Catalog, p38, received circa 1984 (based on mailing label) the following blurb:


    [SIZE=+2]The McIntosh MX 117[/size]



    Match the McIntosh Stereo Tuner-Preamplifier with the McIntosh power amplifier that satisfies your room and musical requirements. Advanced circuits and performance features make the McIntosh MX 117 ideal and especially convenient solution for discriminating stereo listeners.

    Note: Sold from 1980-1984. Last retail price $1649.00


    still... The [size=+1]best[/size]
  4. Vinyl Rules!

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    I'd sure like to know more about the design history of the preamp in the MX117 and its equivalent preamp, the C504.

    What is so interesting is that this was the only Mcintosh ever designed with a phono section with an input capacitance of 50pf.

    Almost every other McIntosh preamp had a phono input capacitance of 65pf, suggesting that all of these other preamps with phono input capacitances of 65pf shared the exact same phono preamp design.

    So why was only one McIntosh preamp ever made and designed with a phono preamp section of 50pf? I've read some posts in other forums that claim the C504/MX117 was McIntosh's best ever phono preamp design.

    This is curious. :scratch2:

    Anyone care to comment? :cool:
  5. Johncan

    Johncan Moderator

    I am curious to find out the answer to this as well.

  6. CarlV

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  7. Johncan

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    I put the MX-117 into my main system. The phono preamp on it is very ,very good. It is quieter than my MX-110Z and appears to have better dynamics as well. I am currently using a Grado Blue MM cart and will experiment some more.

    I am impressed.

  8. elling

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    Don't forget that the MX117 includes the equivolent of the MR75 tuner --- an outstanding tuner. Very good FM reception and sound quality (although I wish it had multiple selectivity settings). The MX117/MR75 also has a very good AM section.
  9. Urizen

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    Glad you are enjoying it, John.:thmbsp:

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