My new rack from the IKEA Lack TV Stands and Side Tables

Discussion in 'Listening Spaces' started by msg1975, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. msg1975

    msg1975 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Austin, TX
    So, I don't like stacking my equipment. I know it's a personal preference, but i don't like the asthetics and I worry it puts too much weight on the bottom units which are invariably my amps.

    threeSo after a bunch of research, I decided to put together this rack. I made it from 3 IKEA Lack TV Stands and two Lack End Tables. It accomplishes what I need, it meets with wife approval, and it looks decent. I didn't fille the legs with sand, but I may at a later date. Everything is bolted together to minimize the risk of it collapsing (we have three kids). The long legs have me a bit worried, though.


    The components are as follows:

    Sony TA-E77ES PreAmp
    Sony TA-N77ES Amp
    Sony TA-N77ES Amp
    Sony PS-X800 Turntable with Shure V15
    Denon DP-47F Turntable with Denon 103R
    Sony TC-WR97ES Cassette
    CDP-508ESD CD Player
    CDP-C89ES 5 disk CD Player
    Sansui SE99 Equalizer
    Sony STS550ES Tuner
    Pioneer RT-909 RTR
    and a Panamax 5100 Power Conditioner.

    Speakers are Recilinear Highboys from '68. 1st Gen

    Only thing missing is my DTC-75ES DAT deck which is in the shop.
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  2. bob06

    bob06 Addicted Member

    New Hampshire
    Looks very nice. With matching Amp stands. I like it. :thumbsup:
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  3. Darby Crash

    Darby Crash Active Member

    Long Beach
    Nice! Very clean set up
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  4. Bob in WI

    Bob in WI AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Waukesha, Wisconsin USA
    Looks like you have most of the weight to the sides of the shelves, not on the middle.
    I had my relatively heavy amp in the middle & got some sag but that was after a couple years.
    The black face equipment on black shelving looks very well put together..... Like it was made to be a set.
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  5. John Daly

    John Daly Active Member

    Wicklow Town, Ireland.
    Looks great! Dont be worri moe1.jpg ed about the weight on those bottom legs...more than adequate for the job. I done similar with lack end tables... still standing 2 years later!
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