Need a good audio repair shop in SE Michigan

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Jim H B, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Jim H B

    Jim H B Active Member

    Hi everybody,

    AK Fest got me fired up to get some work done on some of my vintage gear. Does anyone know of a good vintage repair shop in Southeastern Michigan, closer to Ann Arbor the better, but I'm willing to drive a while to find a good shop.

    Thanks for any referrals.

  2. dr*audio

    dr*audio Fish fingers and custard! Subscriber

    I'm in Cleveland... :naughty:
  3. Jim H B

    Jim H B Active Member

    Sorry! :thmbsp:

    Just kidding; I've always enjoyed my trips to Cleveland. Sometime, I'm going to get down to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  4. Leestereo

    Leestereo Super Member

    Ever thought of the DIY approach? You could probably do most thing yourself for much cheaper and its very satisfying work. Also there's alot of expertise on this AK to help you out. What do you need done?
  5. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have my Toshiba DVD player warranty work done by these guys, they had many vintage units in-house, I have no idea if they're expensive for vintage repairs. I agree with Leestereo, most work is DIY and the most knowledgable people out there are AK members, Dave.

    ANN ARBOR MI 48104
    (734) 994-9167
  6. styler

    styler Banned

    MI repair

    Two of the finest are AK members and sponsors. Punker X for SS gear and NOS Valves for tube work. Cant be beat. I've used both as have many here, they stand by their work and are damn fine gents.
  7. Jim H B

    Jim H B Active Member

    Thanks for the great info guys. Especially the encouragement for the DIY. That's the power of AK!

    I think what I'll do is get a multimeter and a soldering kit and try to do some repairs myself on my least valuable stuff. That way it's no biggie if I make some rookie mistakes.

    But I think I'll contact one of our fine AK members that do work to look after the stuff I would hate to screw up.

    After I get set up to do some DIY, I'll do a post on a specific problem, with pics.

    Thanks again!

  8. 00Robin

    00Robin New Member

    I know this is quite the ressurrection here, but does this place still operate? Do you know people who sell completely refurbished good old turntables with thick heavy woodbases?
    I am currently in Grand Blanc MI
  9. villerat01

    villerat01 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Punkerx in Flint
  10. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

  11. Hopeou812

    Hopeou812 Active Member

    JVC Nivico for Punkerx

    Who's Punkerx???? If he's a vintage turntable expert, I need to get ahold of him, LOL. I have an old JVC Nivico that has an idler wheel. It's in fine shape, I can't get it to do anything, I've tore it down and it has power going to it. Looking it over, this thing looks like it doesn't have 20 hours of playing time on it. I really need to get it fixed, tuned up, etc. Anyone have a way for me to contact this person or refer him to my post, please do so, Thanks..
  12. kaliph11

    kaliph11 Super Member

    In Ann Arbor, Harve's is still in business but backlogged.
    The phono spot in A2 is Overture Audio.
  13. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Admin Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    PunkerX is an AKer, with the username...

    ...wait for it...

    ...PunkerX :banana:

    Here's his profile page:

    I'm not certain he works on turntables.
  14. qsaudio

    qsaudio Super Member

    I would, I could, but I stopped doing it, it is hard to find a shop these days, I don't know anyone to recommend.So now I just flop it on the lap of the new age ipod idiot mentality and tell people to take stuff to Best Buy.They wany junk I won't be a part of it, all that AVR JUNK !!!!! and Beats headphones of course, and sum rap non-music.
  15. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sorry my backlog is way over 6 months. Use to take on turntables, but not any more.

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