Need TV-7/I-177 settings for KT88

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by rkic, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. rkic

    rkic Active Member

    I have searched high and low and I can't find settings for either the KT88 or 6550 power tubes! Help!
    Thanks in advance...
  2. braillediver

    braillediver Banned

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  3. CarlV

    CarlV AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I would suggest doing a web search for boatanchors. Maybe try
    to email this guy
    As I recall that tube was designed for audio only and you have a military tester.

  4. rkic

    rkic Active Member

    Thanks Mitch - the search turned up the KT88 settings from a fellow named Jim McShane...
    Here they are if anyone else needs them...

    Switch settings - HS5-3481
    Bias - 12
    Heaters 6.3 volts
    Minimum 44
    Range - D.

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