Neets - Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series Online

Discussion in 'DIY' started by himm37, May 8, 2008.

  1. himm37

    himm37 Well-Known Member

    This site is PRICELESS for those who want to learn electronics! It is the complete US Navy Training Manual manual online. The first link is the main menu, where each course is broken down by module. I am focusing on tubes myself, module 6. It is by far the best reading I have come across.
  2. Goodwill_HiFi

    Goodwill_HiFi Super Member

    It's on the web in several places actually.
  3. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Can't recommend it enough. Wish I knew what happened to my full hard copy set.. Lost over the years.
  4. himm37

    himm37 Well-Known Member

    Made me look! Here's a link to FREE pdf files:

    You can reprint them with the link above, just the tube section is OVER 200 pages though!
  5. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Free PDF's work just fine.. I picked up the original publications in the Navy while in BEE school. Used them religiously to study for advancment exams for the 10 years as an ET in the Navy.
  6. roggom

    roggom Super Member

    Hey shipmate, same here, Had to do them as a prereq for biomed repair school. Taking a Hospital Corpsman and giving him a multimeter, pretty scary, but has blossomed into a heck of a Navy and civilian career. Those little manuals are essential for nubies.
  7. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    Very fortunate to have gotten a complete hard copy set from a buddy in the service years ago.
  8. ShaneC

    ShaneC Super Member

    Bump for anyone who missed it...good stuff!
  9. currituckco

    currituckco Super Member

    thanks for the bump - i'd totally missed it.
  10. Billfort

    Billfort AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Great info here, I'm going to sticky it.
  11. woodlander

    woodlander Vintage listener

    Thank you. This is really good stuff.
  12. Mattwizz3

    Mattwizz3 Web-er-web user...

    Great, Will be downloading these. Good to have some reading material like this, nice to get an understanding of how my setup works. Especially good to learn about tubes, I quickly browsed chapter 6 to see if I should download them and in the first couple of minutes there were already the "Ohhhh, OK" noises. Excellent, thanks for the links.
  13. whamo

    whamo New Member

    Yeah I took that course in the Navy too. People don't believe me when I tell them that you'd have to get 100% correct on each module test or take the module over again. Thanx
  14. NicoR

    NicoR Certifiably Awesome!

    Now all I need to do is find somewhere where I can print out about 5000 pages for free...
  15. leadlike

    leadlike Active Member

    Thanks-I've been printing these off and taking the course in order. I just started volume five. I have tried reading a few books on electronics and none of them ever made much sense. I have not had any problems with these, and I have learned a ton thanks to these. Well worth the download-after all, your taxes paid for 'em!
  16. Out Of Time

    Out Of Time Magic Smoke Sniffer

    Ahhhh.... good old NEETS modules. I used to have em all in print.

    I was an AT ( Avionics Technician ) when I was in the Canoe Club. Those came in very handy for study while in A school and then later on for rating exams. Referred to them all the time.
  17. Mark W.

    Mark W. Nut house of the Universe

    My sons an ET in the NAVY right now wonder if he could pickup a copy for his old dad.

    And for those of you could never guess it the NAVY still uses tubes. His first specialty was Radar and he said the transmitters and recievers were full of tubes. All stuff designed in the mid 1950's only the interface part is modern electronic's

    And both of his ships are some of the newest we have. Tubes got no problems with EM pulse and the circuits are as good as they get so the NAVY has no reason to look for a change.
  18. StereoFarmer

    StereoFarmer A Friend

    Dang, I'm reading this now and I'll read it lots. Lord willin' this'll prevent me from askin' simple questions and better prepare me for answerin' em' too! Thanks
  19. prisoners

    prisoners AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was an AT also! 90-94, worked in the com-sec vault at the AIMD level. I think I have that full series somewhere, I even got a small-arms series but didn't get a chance to finish them before I got out.
  20. Tuco

    Tuco Aces And Eights

    this info is just what the sawbones ordered,

    thanks for the link

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