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    I'll be getting custom embroidered Polo Shirts made up for the winter FrankenFest (Saturday March 10th in Sutton MA).

    I'm anticipating the cost will be $15 each based on the quantity I ordered for the summer event.

    The profits from these will go towards funding future events and a donation to AK - and perhaps another donation as we see fit.
    Previously we also made a donation to the Kegger fund in honor of a deceased AKer.

    If you would like your order shipped to you figure an additional $6 per shirt for USA shipping.

    At this point all you'll need to do is send me a PM (aka "conversation") with the quantity and size you would like.

    Sizes available are small to 5XL.

    If you will want your shirt shipped also include your mailing address.
    BTW - you don't need to be from New England to order shirts.

    Once I am ready to place the order I will send you a paypay request for funds.

    All shirts will be "SPORT GRAY" for this order.

    Below is a mock up of what the shirts should look like.

    I still need to confirm the lead time but at this point I'm saying you will need to have your orders in by February 10th.

    GREY SHIRT Sample.png
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    PM sent!

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