New Receiver: Mitsubishi DA-R8

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Jlord, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Jlord

    Jlord Active Member

    Does anyone know anyhitng about this? Not too much info it seems.

    It's a nice unit, does need some work, Loudness knob is backwards, turning it down makes it louder, and all controls crackle when used. Good cleaning needed.

    It has no power stickers on how much WPC, I'm just wondering how much it does put out?

    Also, the unique half moon tuning thing, its definitely different. Interesting to say the least.

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  2. electronjohn

    electronjohn Plug it in & see!! Subscriber

    Based on power consumption on the rear label, I'd guess around 20WPC.

    Cool as all get out, though! The loudness weirdness is a puzzler, though.
  3. Jlord

    Jlord Active Member

    It's got me stumped :dunno:
  4. Manny

    Manny Apocalypse Meow

    I have the DA-R10, it's a neat little receiver and I like having it in the collection. Mine is 40wpc, and the tuner section is very nice, pulls in stations better than most anything I have. I like having the adjustable loudness, although I usually keep it at highest level.
  5. hank520

    hank520 Active Member

    38 watts @8ohms (0.01% distortion) and 50 watts @4ohms. Search for DA-R8 and a site called pops up in the images tab with the cover of the service manual. The specs are there, albeit a little blurry. On the R10 some of the controls are hard to get to for cleaning and it uses power modules, not transistors for output, but has a heatsink that takes up the whole side so it is well "sunk". Only piece of equipment that I have that has wattage (a sticker on the cabinet) is a Technics receiver. The wattage on the back usually refers to the AC outlets, no the audio output. I don't know how many 30-50 watt amps I have seen posted as being 200 or 300 watt outputs!
  6. Jlord

    Jlord Active Member

    My sansui, and my jvc both have a wattage sticker on the back. Guess certain models had different things (obviously)

    Thanks for the info though
  7. bryblob

    bryblob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    that mitsubishi equipment just looks so nice.
  8. vintageboy

    vintageboy Spinning vinyl like there is no tomorrow Subscriber

    i found that it was made 1981 - 1982
  9. Jlord

    Jlord Active Member

    I do really like it, but the backwards messed up loudness control is a bit annoying.

    Does anyone know why it would do this?
  10. avionic

    avionic Aim High !!! Subscriber

    Its and input attenuator rather than a volume potentiometer.
    The higher the number - the more the attenuation. The more attenuation - the lower in sound output.
  11. Montycat

    Montycat You can call me Andrew Subscriber

    Here's that spec sheet, 45 watts per according to the top line. I have the DA-R10:


    The idea with that style of loudness control is to set the volume at the highest level that you are likely to listen to, with the loudness flat (at 0). You then use the loudness to adjust the volume down from there when listening at lower levels (late at night for example). Yamaha also uses the variable loudness control. It's a better way to go IMHO

    Mitsubishi DA-R10 Receiver by Buhduh, on Flickr
  12. MitsuMan

    MitsuMan Super Member

    Picked this up recently, TOTL DA-R35 receiver, and it's now cranking out tunes on my patio/porch system. I never gave enough credit to this early 80's Mitsu gear having always owned/collected the TOTL DA gear from the 70's. This receiver is a beast, and sounds great powering my Niles Audio OS outdoor speakers. :music:


  13. Jlord

    Jlord Active Member

    I take it from reading the back labels, that each pair of speakers should be 4 ohm or higher? And with both channels running the impedence of each speaker should also be 4 ohm of higher? I think that's what I'm getting, not really sure
  14. michigannick

    michigannick AK Subscriber Subscriber

    you can say that again!

    you can say that again! :thmbsp:

    That R10 is one of the best looking receivers i have seen.. not quite the sansui G series in looks but for sure classic clean design
  15. mistro

    mistro Active Member

    Resurrecting this thread. I stopped at an Estate to look at one of these Stereo Receiver DA-R8. Over priced at $50 IMHO. Especially because the tuner was spending freely so no adjustment there. That I could fix but I could get no volume out of the headphone jack, no static, nothing moving the knobs up or down. Obviously the unit powers on, but no sound; thoughts? I offered $10 as a project piece but they still think its saleable so I doubt I will get it, but I am curious. TIA, Rgds, Mike
  16. michigannick

    michigannick AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I think they are nuts, I have several of these they are better than average receivers ... I have an R10 that is going through some surgery right now, its such a nice looker i had to Resurrect it, the very cool thing is the amplifier STK is still in use and avaliable in its original form (apparently used in microwaves or something ) and only 6 bucks shipped! .. so i will give it a shot i bought an extra since i am not going to be good at finding why the amp blew i will have to replace it and try and work my way back through the board.

    I have no idea why it would be so dead i can tell you this, my R10 powered up and played one channel with the other not working and no protection circuit kicking in FWIW

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