New Sansui 350A Receiver (w/pix)

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by xupernaut, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. xupernaut

    xupernaut Active Member

    I found today at a garage sale for $7. Very good condition for its age a few light scratches on the top hardly noticeable. Cleaned her up tonight been listening to her for a couple hours, sounds great full sounding bass. The speakers I have hooked aren't even the best a kinda strange looking pair of lg mini system speaks with side firing subwoofers. Good fm reception too. I took a few pix......
  2. SpeakerLabFan

    SpeakerLabFan < speakerlab 7's Subscriber

    A classic, nice pickup! I picked up one of these 350A receivers about a year ago.

    You can't beat the warm sound of a vintage Sansui ...especially at that price. Enjoy.
  3. xupernaut

    xupernaut Active Member

    Did a little speaker swapping hooked up a pair of Dynaco a-10's Jams pretty good. Put in a rack with a Sansui deck and turntable I have to get working yet. I have a pair of sp1500x speakers too which are pulling home theater duty for now.Add those and I'd have a rack of Sansui gear from the same era.

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