No Twang this spring!

Discussion in 'Events & Happenings' started by jaymanaa, Mar 20, 2017 at 4:57 PM.

  1. jaymanaa

    jaymanaa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sorry fellas, and gals, it just isn't in the cards this year. They've got my yard and all my upper property torn up from putting in sewers, Yay! That and I have all kinds of crap going on transitioning from working to retiring. Just thought I'd get the word out, I know some of you travel, so.......
    Maybe this summer, or next fall.
  2. kurtgo

    kurtgo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Piper, KS.
    That sucks.

    I'd offer up to have a KCFest if all are interested. Could do it pretty much any time. I've moved from Olathe to up north near the Legends area so plenty of places to stay and have a few extra bedrooms as well. Just trying to keep this going. Don't have the big yard Mr. Jay does, nor the workbench area, but, we can yell at the golfers as they go by.

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