Optimist pricing of Realistic STA-960

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by chingon, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. chingon

    chingon Well-Known Member

    My baby's gotta move, can't bear to see it as a tuner any more; what's a reasonable starting point for one of these in good cosmetic and working condition? I don't like the prices i'm seeing on that auction place....
  2. RossW

    RossW AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The only completed auction is $90. That's probably about top dollar. Realistic gear is generally underappreciated and thus the monetary value just isn't that high.
  3. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    Good Realistic gear is unappreciated they got there reputation for a reason, just look at some of the stuff they passed of as quality. You could probably squeeze $100 out of a 960 on CL if you're patient.
  4. stereofanboy

    stereofanboy Addicted Member

    I feel your pain. I have three receivers in the 50WPC category that really should go down the road, but I know they won't go for as much as I think they should. The 960 sure is a goodlooking piece.
  5. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    Most Realistic gear goes for low prices. So don't expect to get too much for it.

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