Optonica RP-4705

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by kydog, Sep 7, 2012.

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    I'm going to let the cat out of the bag:yes: The Optonica Rp-4705 is one huge sleeper of a table. I finally had a chance to hook it up ( Replacing my Akai AP-206) Wow!!! Maybe the glass lid or the recessed platter? The nice solid arm or the heavy base:scratch2: This turntable is so isolated it picks up every note with loud and precise clarity. I mean when I placed the stylus down it startled me that there appeared to be no loss of music/power from the pickup through the speakers:music:

    The music passage jumped out of the Snell EII's ( Onkyo A5 phono). I've heard a lot of tables but this is the first one that to my ears that I could truly appreciate the meaning of "Isolation" When it comes to Turntables. It has a "nothing special audio tech" Cartridge mounted on it but man this table is special:thmbsp:

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    That's one sharp looking turntable. :thmbsp:
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    Thanks for the replies:thmbsp: This Optonica ( Sharp)T.T Actually sounds better than it looks and that's saying something:yes::yes::music:
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    Forgive my ignorance. What do I need to do with the small wire along side the red and yellow RCA plugs for the rp-4705 TT?
  6. Mawerick

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    ^it's a grounding wire, you attach it to your receiver or preamp.
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    2 years later

    Does anybody have specs, or at east overhang value for Optonica RP-4705?

  8. Balifly

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    Welcome to the AK turn table forum.

    Have a look in the owner's or service manual of other Optonica models.

    They may have similar configurations and share set up information. :scratch2:

    Vinylengine's library have owner and service manuals for several Optonica direct drive with S/J arm models.

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    Optonica! Yes a sleeper brand, but well worth the listen.

    Good pickup!


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