ORTOFON P-15 loudspeaker

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by bonzzo, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. bonzzo

    bonzzo Member

    Hello, please i need ORTOFON P-15 loudspeaker info...thank you. Best regards
  2. larsne

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    Text translated

    3-way speakers from the Danish company Ortofon. These speakers are from the second series which Ortofon released in the 70's as they tried to expand their market beyond recordplayers.
    The drivers are from Scan-Speak which at the time were just starting up.
  3. sealy

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    Nice looking speakers!
  4. eurasian

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    I had no idea Ortofon made loudspeakers -- very cool.

    I did use a SL15 II many years ago with the companion Ortofon step-up transformer and it was a very nice sounding cartridge.
  5. bonzzo

    bonzzo Member

    Ok...thanks for all

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