Panasonic Thruster series

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Wooferman93, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Wooferman93

    Wooferman93 My systems louder

    Ok I know these are not the greatest out thier, but I am looking for a pair for my mom and I wan't to know the model #'s, I don't want to buy a pair YET, but they suposedly had 15's in them, now, mom doesn't know sh!t about speakers, so bear with me here. I would also like to see some pics if at all possible. Also, would that giant 15 inch woofer be a woofer or a passive radiator? How many drivers per box, ect.

    Thanks, Wooferman93
  2. asoundhound

    asoundhound Definitely Low-fi

    you can't be serious....
  3. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin.... Subscriber

    Seriously... soundhound wasn't joking.. .

    They are way worse than not so good...

    Thrusters had 6 or 8" in them.. never any 15"

    Buy you're mom something.. anything... anything is better than thrusters.. A Bose radio is a massive improvement..
  4. JohnVF

    JohnVF Banned

    Just go to any thrift store, you'll see the whole product line.
  5. dkelley

    dkelley Well-Known Member

    there was a LINE of thrusters? I just assumed it was the one model. so more than one design, all from a great company (panasonic), and they all sucked?
  6. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin.... Subscriber

    far as I know, only one... and I can't remember if it was an 8 or 6" driver.. but either way.. IT SUCKED!!!! and buzzed, and had no life.. and.. .well.. they just sucked!!!!

    Hope the OP is getting the idea here.. you can find much better for a cheap price..
  7. barredowl

    barredowl Before and after Science

    Wooferman, dude get her smaller Advents and fix the foam in the woofer so there is something of you in the gift. It will sound so much better and be a more satisfying gift all around. Also possible Dynaco A-25, or Boston Acoustics.
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  8. luckyed

    luckyed Super Member

    I have seen at least 3 different sizes of Thrusters speakers. A small version, (bookshelf?) and two larger versions.
  9. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin.... Subscriber

    wow.. and actually admitted to that? :D
  10. Fred Sanford

    Fred Sanford Addicted Member

    Wow, do you get some really interesting results when you do an internet image search for "Big Thrusters". None of them speaker-related, either!

  11. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin.... Subscriber

    LOL.. you need safe search!
  12. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

  13. JohnVF

    JohnVF Banned

    It is never a good idea to buy your mother anything that has anything to do with a 'vibra cone'.
  14. Stuart Pedaso

    Stuart Pedaso In too deep Subscriber

    I recall there being various models of Thrusters. An internet search is conspicuously devoid of much info.

    Never seen any larger than dual 10" -- one of course being a passive radiator. All models of Thruster will have a passive radiator. It's the feature that defines that model line. A quick web search turns up SB-1600 and front horn-loaded SB-1800 (ask AK member "sb1800" about those).

    Thrusters certainly had their place in audio history. The big shiny aluminum "hubcap" dust covers are great for reflecting swirling points of light from a ceiling mounted mirror ball. Pop some Gloria Gaynor into the 8-track stereo system and relive the glory days of Disco.
  15. juniorJBL

    juniorJBL SUB 1500 :)

    But they have "Enhanced Bass Sound":saywhat:

    All I can say is..........:lmao:
  16. 33&athird

    33&athird Turn on & Tune in

    Nope, I belive the pair in our basement has at least a 10", but it was the top of the line thruster model sb-305 or something? Either way, they came with my moms panasonic all-in-one. Thrusters get a really bad reputation around here, but I still have a small place in my heart for them, would I buy another set?, well no, not after hearing my epi's...But there are worse speakers out there. I will not lie and say they are great speakers, they aren't...but the set we have doesn't buzz too much, and is a little lively. With the loudness switch on they sound decent, and they are perfect for disco (my meco albums rock on it).

    I really don't understand why these are so despised, they sound phenominally better than my sisters ipod cube, at least.

    Oh, and say all you want about "vibra cones" because...well...its hilarious:D
  17. Fred Sanford

    Fred Sanford Addicted Member

    I think if it has a 10" then it was a passive radiator, with an ~8" woofer/fullrange/whizzer-coned thing.

  18. Spikedart

    Spikedart what's on my mind


    A friend of mine had the dual 10". One was a passive radiator and the tweeter was mounted offset, on top, in an effort to be time aligned. They honestly did not sound bad. If you can get them for cheap, I am sure she will be pleased. They are quite efficient.

    25 years later he still has these...
  19. kermit z

    kermit z Loud Music saves Lives!! Subscriber

    i had a set when I was 13, so mid to late 1970's. Even at that age, I knew they sounded bad. So, even in the interest of nostalgia, I would pass them up. Somethings are best left in the past.
  20. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    Lest we forget

    Alas, YouTube removed the video "for terms of use violations...." :tongue:

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