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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by 94ranger55, Nov 19, 2009.

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    hello fellow akers

    MY boss just gave me a very large pair of phase reasearch book shelves speakers. He told me when he bought them in the late 70s at that time they were on par with bose/infinty ???? Cant find much info but the speakers look told be in soild shape but I beilve they need to re-fomed ??? any recomendations/info would be great thanks
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    I bought a pair of Phase Reaserch 7T tower speakers from the Salvation Army last week. They are excellent speakers! They play very well with my smaller speakers and compliment them very well. They seem very well made but like you finding any info on them is pretty difficult. I think they're definetly better than Bose ;)
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    Well I guesse PHASE REASEARCH was'nt that well know ...I figured that from all the members on AK there would be some more info ? All I can is these speakers are built like a tank weighs a ton! They need a re-foaming opperation any suggestions thanks !
  4. FloridaSam

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    From what I have heard they support their products very well. I would shoot them an email and see what they say. All their products are made in house so they repair everything they made.
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    how about some pics ?
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    Any idea what there email/website is ???
  7. 94ranger55

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    will try to get pics on tmmrw the speakers were purchased in new hampshire in aprox 78-80 ... On the back of the boxx there is a dallas texas address but does not say made in dallas ?!? dimensions are roughly 30 inches high by 14 wide and 16 deep possibily a little larger dont have them infront of me now
  8. FloridaSam

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    Looking to see what Phase Research info I might find and found this thread. For anyone else that may happen here in the future, Phase Research was the company of Phillip Clements. The company was out of Texas and specialized in transmission line designs. I am only familiar with three models; the RT, R, and Little D. These were manufactured in the late '70s and many times I went to Sound Associates (a dealer in Findlay and Toledo, Ohio) to check them out.

    When one remembers what Infinity and Bose (ok, maybe not as much Bose) were producing around '76, it's easy to see Phase Research placed in similar company. They used a custom 8" driver and bass response was unusually clean and low. Hope you're both enjoying them still, and it's worth having the woofers re-foamed as they are rare. A Phase Research speaker in any form is rare!

    I also have made the occasional error of referring to them as "Phase Tech" speakers as the OP in the comment above has done, but that is a completely different company who mainly used flat-cone bass drivers.
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