Philips 212 and 312 parts

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Nat, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Nat

    Nat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I noticed someone (Voigt Steresonics) is offering on Ebay a package of correct bulbs, a replacement switch, belt and xerox of both the user manual and service manual for Philips 212s and 312. This could be very useful for many owners since those are parts that do fail.
    I have no connection with seller, obviously.
  2. birddog

    birddog Addicted Member

    Yes, Mark does have these kits available on eBay, he has been offering them for a while, and I think that a few AK'ers have done business with him before. I have emailed back and forth with him a few times about the kits, as my 312 needs the power switch, and one green indicator is out as well. Someday I'll actually get around to purchasing this kit, so I can fix and sell the 312...
  3. pbda

    pbda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I bought the set from Mark to repair my 212. Complete success; Mark knows what he's doing.
  4. PhasedOut

    PhasedOut PhasedOut

    I also have dealt with Mark and was completely satisfied with the kit I recieved. My 212 is back to as new condition!:banana:
  5. pmsummer

    pmsummer simul justus et peccator

    I sometimes wonder what my Ex did with my GA-212 (w/Shure V-15 Type III) after the "Great Disappointment".

    Probably best not to know.
  6. Bruski

    Bruski New Member

    I have a kit coming soon, I hope to have my 212 back in service soon. Thanks for the post on AK 'cause I do not watch e-pray reguarly.
    Philips 212,Stanton 600EE / Technics SL-D2,AT440MLE / Crown IC150, DC300A / Sony TC-K2A / Dahlquist DQ-10's / TDK DA5900
  7. Fisherdude

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    Can you post the contact info for the Phillips parts?

  8. pbda

    pbda AK Subscriber Subscriber

  9. jblmar

    jblmar JBL & marantz

    Yes, they were the exact parts.:thmbsp:

  10. Fisherdude

    Fisherdude Regular Dude - Super Mod Super Mod Subscriber

    Thanks, guys!
  11. alwaysbroke

    alwaysbroke New Member

    I bought a supposedly "refurbished" 312 table from the person listed as a parts supplier, and in my opinion he is nothing but an arrogant ass. So much for his big intro about being such a super tech, musician, etc. I sold these tables in the early 70's and remember them being pretty nice for the price. I paid about $220 for the table, complete with new belt, stylus, new lamps, and a new power switch. Nice except the cartridge was of such poor quality I threw it away immediately. The new power switch was not installed correctly and did not work properly. When I commented about the non-working switch, loose screws, more scratches that mentioned, etc. I got a scathing email as if I had no more brains that someone that just fell off a turnip truck. I really wished I could "reach through and touch someone." I was also berated and told the table was basically junk when it was new so what did I expect now. Of course I paid too much for the thing and resale is not even an option. I bought a new Rega immediately. After having the thing since last year, I am finally fixing the problems and having the local stereo shop install a mono cartridge so I can get some use out of it. I wouldn't buy dirt from that guy and wish I could get my hands on him.

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