Philips 591 (22RH591) integrated amp

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    I have a pretty rare Philips 591 integrated amp, 30 watts a side, all DIN on rear panel, looks pretty solidly built, vintage early 1970s. Has the "Philips HiFi International" logo on a brushed strip at the front of the top. It has a few scratches on the wood side panels but its in good shape other than that. Works well. I want to sell it to make more $$ for Marantz stuff, what do you think it's worth? It would be thoroughly cleaned for sale, obviously. I've never seen another one in my life, and I found ONE picture doing internet searching.
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    There is one for sale on the bay with a tuner for BIN $199.

    I have a 22RH781 that I need to replace the output transistors on. I am not sure its worth much but I'd love to be surprised......I've attached a pic of mine and yours. Mine is from about 1968.

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