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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by wsjoe, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. wsjoe

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    Does anybody know where I can purchase a Philips CD Pro 2 unit? It is also known has VAm 1254. Some website with daily lab claims they sell but difficult to get a hold of them.

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  3. the-real-mandak

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    Be aware that it is a $325 + shipping item.
  4. wsjoe

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    Wow, they are expensive. I was hoping in the $200 range. I guess I will have to find some used ones or scavenge from cd players. Does anybody know which model uses this laser assembly?

    i know the VAM1252 was used in a few rare players and one including Marantz CD7
  5. jstang

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    Any CD player that uses a CD-Pro2 will be in the price range of "never part it out". You are more likely to find one in a jukebox. Or used on the auction site.

    US based provider,

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  6. KentTeffeteller

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    Over 80% of this transport are used in CD Jukeboxes. AMI/Rowe, NSM, Wurlitzer, and Rock-Ola all used them in some models if not all. They were used due to durability and dependability under hard commercial use. May be easier had from Jukebox parts houses.
  7. the-real-mandak

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    Used they can be had for $130, but then you don't know how used they are.
    New from the distributor to the jukebox industry in north america (ENCO) it is $385 including shipping/handling.

    And I can only agree with jstang, if you find a player with the CD Pro2 drive as stock - put it in you're system and forget about you're old one.

    I do know B&O is using it in there top CD-Ps and also Lyngdorf's steinway series uses the Pro2.
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  8. jstang

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  9. jstang

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    Every CD-Pro2 player I looked at was 10k USD or more, one was over 20K....not the type of unit you would tear down for parts....

    I paid 385$(including shipping) for the drive from Enco, they provide a 1 year warranty and then 480$ a transport only kit from a kit provider ( chassis, power supply display ) to mount the drive.

    Also built a NOS 4x TDA1541S1 kit for another 600$ USD. With HDAM output.

    Running I2S between the CD-Pro2 and DAC. WOW....

    Way more than I had planed on when I first started... But I am 1000% happy with the 1600$ I spent for the sound it provides. Knowing I am likely to be happy with it for many years...the CD-Pro2 is designed to last for many years of very heavy use. And I will be able tinker with upgrades to my heart's content....

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  10. wsjoe

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    that's great that you actually bought from ENCO and built it yourself. I hear great things about the TDA1541. Kind of old chip but a sure steady and a great much for this European Philips.
    What power supply did you use?
    I am thinking of using tube in the DAC stage.
  11. jstang

    jstang Honey,I can't hear you... Subscriber

    One thing I would warn you, that the above kit has 3 surface mount chips that are very tough to solder.... otherwise, it is a very good chassis and supply. The CD-Pro requires a very specific power up process and this kit provides it.

    I have a tube output kit on the way too.... I did not say I was done spending money... :)

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  12. Hifitune

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    Another source to get the CD-Pro2LF: Audiocdpro
    Unit price is 278$
    They also supply packages based on CD-Pro with a display board, a PSU,etc...
    I hope it can help.


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