Picked up a Sansui 350A - any info?

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by lungin, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. lungin

    lungin New Member

    Picked up a Sansui 350A on ebay here in the Uk - needs some work - had broken speaker switch which I have repaired. Also needs 'Stereo' bulb and 3 lamps for the tuning dial - are these a major headache to source?? Anyone have info on this model - had a look around AK and there doesnt appear to be much about it.
    and finally the serial number for the data base : 820100944
    Cheers for now!
  2. bolly

    bolly Banned

  3. lungin

    lungin New Member

    illumination required...

    thanks for the info Bolly - I will continue working on it and will post photos of innards if anyone is interested. Also, has anyone any idea how to breath life back into the tuning needle/pointer - it should be lit up but at present it is deader than your average Dodo...
  4. Stene

    Stene The Introducer

    If you eventually need service manual and technical bulletins LINK
  5. scanguy77

    scanguy77 New Member

    Sansui 350A info

    I just bought one at a charity store for 40$ with a pair of
    Acoustic Research TSW 110 speakers and the owners and
    service manuals. Witnesses said my eyes popped out
    and jaw hit the ground. What would you like to know about
    it? I could scan some pages and email them to you.
    Scanguy77 nikonf2@verizon.net
  6. lungin

    lungin New Member

    Hey that's a good haul!
    What I am after is the schematics for the the 350A - want to try and give it the once over plus find a replacement for the 'needle ' bulb on the tuning display.
    Any info you have would be cool
  7. SpeakerLabFan

    SpeakerLabFan < speakerlab 7's Subscriber

    Picked up a Sansui 350a today

    I answered a listing on CL last night, was first in line, and went out and picked up a Sansui 350a on the eastside this afternoon for $20. I had a nice chat with the seller and his son who are both gearheads. He had a nice pair of Vandersteens and a very old pair of Thiels too. I've never seen one of these 350a units - 47 WPC from what I can find researching this unit, this one is in good shape and the controls were clean, just need to replace the tuning display bulbs. It's always a good day when you can bring home another nice Sansui :thmbsp::music:

    Here's a few pictures:

  8. Bigears

    Bigears Manager of my own day

    The 350 A was the heart of my first component system and If I recall, I purchased it used from an older guy in the ‘hood for $100. More like 20 wpc I think. Fond memories of that one and have considered picking up another simply for the nostalgia. Wonderful little unit. I gave it to my Dad and it started acting up, which was probably just dirty contacts or pots, but it did not have a happy ending...long before I got back into this stuff.
  9. SpeakerLabFan

    SpeakerLabFan < speakerlab 7's Subscriber

  10. Bigears

    Bigears Manager of my own day

    That was a big 20 wpc as I recall. My 6X9" Ampex speakers (yes from a tape deck) rocked pretty good with that unit!
  11. jaguardatsuns

    jaguardatsuns New Member

    I have an Orion book and it shows the 350 and the 350A, and both should be 30 watts X2 RMS. I just put one on ebay, and it is pretty and works fine. The controls do get corroded and need a good cleaning. At first, I thought the left channel was out. Nope, just dirty contacts.
  12. Chap

    Chap Electrochap Subscriber

    Well, I've just picked one up yesterday for very cheap. I'm really happy about the tuner quality. It is FET driven and has 4 gang and 3 filters; very very good sound. It will get the 1rst home place as soon as I will have replaced the capacitors. It seems to miss some punch in the bass according to me. I will increase some values, specially the caps on the o/p . By the way, a 2200 on the A/C filtering is the smallest I've ever seen... Were they missing money from the FET on the tuner side ?

    Anybody know where to find the schamatics ?
  13. lungin

    lungin New Member

    Thought I would bump this one more time and see if I can get moving on this baby. I've had it awhile now and finally have a clear space to work on its assorted problems. These amount to a permanent background hiss on the right channel - even with volume down to '0' or balance set fully to left channel; pops and cracks come on within 5-10 seconds when she is switched to AM setting; Blown needle bulb on the tuning dial ( can these be replaced with a suitable LED?)
    Of course there is the usual need of a schematic /manual - there isn't a whole lot of info on this model - maybe as it is marked on the back as European - any of you guys have experience off working on one?
    She is nice receiver with a proper wooden case and I just want to breath a bit of life back into her, make her sing again!
    Anyway, over to you and cheers for now...
  14. Thespeakerdude8

    Thespeakerdude8 Super Member

    wow that thing looks very close to a 1000x, but appears to have fewer inputs/oututs on the rear. Have you tried deoxit on all your controlls yet? I have a 1000x, and those stilly lever style switches can be a pain. You have to take off the face of the amp to get to them to spray deoxit in them, and the tape monitor switches seem to cause a lot of trouble when they are dirty. Mine didn't pass audio untill I did that, which is probably the reason it got donated in the first place.
    The needle "LED" I think is really a minature peanut bulb isn't it? I think theres a source on evilpay for those, also some for the fuse lights too.
  15. lungin

    lungin New Member

    :thmbsp:Thanks for the reply - I've cleaned all controls and switches with deoxit awhile back but the problems are still there - when you say peanut bulb are these available still - Radioshack? or the UK equivilant -Maplins. Will have to check that out. I shall also check out the 1000x and see if its a similar model
    cheers man
  16. Chap

    Chap Electrochap Subscriber

    I had a 350A and am now running an AU555A which is the integrated amp version of the same amp scheme ( I think ) . So Lungin, just PM me and I will give you the osm ( operation and service manual ) of the 555. Hope this help.

    From my experience, pops and cracks comes from a bad transistor in the cct. I had one sometime ago just straightening the legs got it back on track.. I didn't believe it !

    Little bulbs are available at the "surplus" electronic parts here. Usualy an 8 volts bulb. You can also fit a led ther if you want ( just don't forget the resistor ).
  17. Stene

    Stene The Introducer

    No it's not :no:
  18. Stene

    Stene The Introducer

    Replace 2SC458 in Tone Control with 2SC2240 and your problem is solved
  19. Chap

    Chap Electrochap Subscriber

    Isn't it using the same power supply configuration ( 2200uf ) with the same O/P caps ( 1500 uf ) with the same drivers ( 2Sc1030 )?

    What is the difference ?

    I know the exact int. amp. version of the 350 is the AU-505 ( which I also have ) but the scheme of the amp side is quite the same...
  20. lungin

    lungin New Member

    Many thanks Stene - I have looked at board F1248 and there is a transistor - TR704 - thank reacts to freeze spray and the background noise drops of dramatically. I am presuming this is the board associated with the tone control - its attached to the volume/ balance/bass/treble controls. The transistor is marked C458 4H. Also, what polarity should I be looking for - NPN or PNP?
    cheers once again Stene - finally feel as if its possible to raise this phoenix from the ashes!:thmbsp:

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