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Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Rach3maninoff, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Rach3maninoff

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    One of the best memories I have of my great uncle was his love for good music and audio equipment - a love that has been instilled in me from my childhood. He had a Pilot stereo console w/SA232 amp, SP210 preamp, exactly like the one in these pictures (he later took out the Garrard changer and retrofitted with a Dual 1015). I have been hoping that I might have the good fortune of finding one of these beauties dating back to around 1958-59. Fat Chance, huh?

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  2. Redboy

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    They're out there, and if you search for a while you'll probably land one. Be prepared to pay top dollar for it when you find it, though - that's a coveted vintage amp and pre, for good reason.
  3. specialidiot

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    You should be able to find the amp and preamp as separates, I know they are out there. A fully complete console is going to be a taller order, especially if you need it local.
  4. Saint Johnny

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    I was this close to a Pilot console similar to that. But the seller had second thoughts and decided to keep it at the last minute, for sentimental, or so she said, reasons.

    I never did find out what exactly was inside. But from her description, it could very well have had a 232/210 inside.

    I found in this hobby the biggest virtue is patience. Great gear is still out ther if you keep your eyes and ears open.
  5. sheltie dave

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    Be patient, squirrel away your money, and do the required reading and research so you know value, and can recognize a potential find when you walk in a room.

    Since your dad had one, it would be well worth paying funny money to obtain a working unit. I once was standing at an estate sale property at 3 am in the morning in order to buy a Marantz receiver identical to the one my dad had when I was growing up. Four years later, I still smile when I see it.

    Being able to relive memories is priceless. :yes:
  6. Sam Cogley

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    Especially when they sound as good as a high-quality Marantz or Pilot. :D Believe me, I wouldn't want to relieve the memories of the stuff my parents had when I was growing up. In fact, I've been helping them replace all of it with much better gear.

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