PIONEER A-445 Stereo Amplifier

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Parabolic, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Parabolic

    Parabolic New Member

    Hey I just received a new PIONEER A-445 Stereo Amplifier and was wondering if any one here knew anything about these was told it was brand new but dunno if they still make them or what can't find much information on the internet but tht was just using google any help appreciated.
  2. Unless the model number has been re-used, this is a 1989 model.

    What are the first two letters of the serial number? And, models from the mid-1980s usually had the year and month on the serial tag.

  3. Parabolic

    Parabolic New Member

    Hey its definitely not that old serial number is JH1701325N im from new zealand if tht helps
  4. J is 1989, H is August.

    So, it is 1989.

  5. Parabolic

    Parabolic New Member

    so why are retailers in new zealand still selling them as new products??
  6. Time Warp?

    Seriously, ask them. I am just the messenger.

  7. lico

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    So where can I buy one new?
  8. Apparently, New Zealand.

    Parabolic: Post a photo of the A-445 and the box it came in. Also, look at the owner manual that came with it for a printing date or copyright date.

    Also, I have a photo and description from a 1989 catalog. PM me with your mail address and I'll send it to you.

    BTW, this amp is 60W at 8ohms, 80W at 4ohms.

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  9. Parabolic

    Parabolic New Member

    oh yup wicked that would be great my address is yea thats what it says are they any good?

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