Pioneer CS-33

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by arcaidy, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. arcaidy

    arcaidy Active Member

    Picked up a pair from the GW today. Can't say they are anything special, but look nice so I figured why not. Anyone know much about them? Cabinets seen pretty nice.

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  2. vintage4

    vintage4 Banned

    Some of those old pioneer speakers are surprisingly nice sounding . Especially if you don't feed them too much power . Power rating on those is 25watts I bet they'll sound great with a valve amp .
  3. Dr. Mordo

    Dr. Mordo Doctor of Rockology

    Yeah, I've read about several with shredded surrounds on the woofers, and they can't be repaired because it's a paper surround, so go easy on them.

    But, I demoed a set of CS-33As, and they were a pretty good little speaker. They a had a lot of character, a fairly flat freq curve, with a very controlled treble response. The tweeter had a very slight distortion that made it sound very cool.

    I posted about it here. You can find it if you search.
  4. B3Nut

    B3Nut tubes and spinny things!

    Interesting speakers, lettuce know what you think! Did you get 'em for a small amount of cabbage? :D

    <ducking> hehehehe!

    Those *are* quite cool...AlNiCo no less. From Pioneer's tube era, I bet.

  5. arcaidy

    arcaidy Active Member

    So should I leave the original cap in place or change it out? They really don't sound bad for what they are. I have a couple of small tube amps I could drive them with....
  6. Dr. Mordo

    Dr. Mordo Doctor of Rockology

    Replace the caps. They may be fine, but it certainly won't hurt the sound.
  7. vintage4

    vintage4 Banned

    If you've ever priced a brand new fullranger that uses alnico magnets it will make you want to hold on to those . There seems to be a slight resurgence in the use of these type drivers . Some of those old alnico pioneers are selling on Ebay more than they were as brand new . I see yours have the removable back panel aka BBC/Harbeth loose box method technique . How much did you get them for ?
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  8. wmcla45

    wmcla45 New Member


    I found a set also at GW about a month ago for just over six bucks. All original parts, I did check the woofers and gave them a shot of hair spray to stiffen them up. To me they sound pretty good in a small room, I do have to be careful with the SX950, as it could easily damage them. I am looking for some larger Pioneer speakers, but for now these work fine.
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