Pioneer CS-44 received them today!

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by PioneerHPMLuver, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Just received my first CS Series of speakers from Pioneer. I am listening to them in my home office now hooked up to a Kenwood KR-4600 receiver. At first I was not impressed. But the funny thing is, they began to grow on me. I felt they were warm and not as detailed as the HPM series but an extra boost on the treble control solved that. I don't know, kinda weird...Any way I oiled them up, used a Q-tip dipped in the oil and cleaned up the grills real nice. The're not mint but are in good shape. I plan on hooking tham up to my SX-3000 (SX-626) in the bedroom with a pair of HPM-40's. I hope they mate up nicely with the older Pioneer receiver.
    I know the wattage rating (25 watts max) and the Ohms's (8 Ohms) 8" woofer and single tweeter. The grills screw on. I don't know much else...Anyone know the frequency response? Year made, Etc?
    See some pic's posted below

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    they were out in 69 and were discontinued in 72, ran for $67 and were upper lower end speakers. frequency 35hz-20khz .
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    Thanks for the post Randy,
    Wow...I thought that they had a nice deep end to them but didn't think they reached down that deep. The more I listen to them more I like!
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